Monday, June 16, 2008

What the Heck? Van She Tech.

Van She have got sick of at playing at UOW and have moved on to do a DJ set at Cooneys this Friday.

Teenagers - Alone Again (Van She Tech Remix)

Who's doin Party Pix? Cobrasnake?
Who the F are Hoops? If you know leave a comment. Could they be Australias' answer to Agyness Deyn?

Unofficial Uffie Video:

I bet you go to her myspace


  1. was talking to someone today, i was like who the fuck are hoops too...

    aparently they are ment to be good.

    3 chicks as well...

  2. fuck hoops
    the blockrockers are playing

  3. Hoops is Nina, Anna Lunoe (Bumblebeez DJ),and Bad Ezzy. There real good. Play a mix of (mostly) Hip Hop and electro.

  4. lol blockrockers.. dont want to be mean but, dont they get sick of playing the same bootlegs every weekend?

  5. yeah rag on the blockrockers all you like, but put it this way (remember back to the stafford brothers post) they are playing to the wollongong crowd... they are playing music that 90% of the people there wanna hear.

    you have to play to the crowd, there is no point in clearing the club/dance floor by playing music that you think is the sickest shit out there.

    but fuck seriously... thier getting sick gigs in sydney and your not. so they must be doing something right.

  6. which one of them are you sleeping with?

    get good gigs and you don't gotta conform

    do they play the same shit at their sydney gigs as they play every week at cooneys? im pretty sure the answer would be yes

  7. awesome to see that you replied with an anonymous post...

    like i said, i don't give a toss, i'm just saying you can't drop what ever you want in wollongong.

  8. I love this messageboards..

    Ill say wha i want bout the blockrockers foo'!

    seriously now, i already made the point about 'playing what your told' in the "staffordgate" post a couple weeks back, regardless of that fact spook, they still are cheese, and im not saying they suck at cheese, i think they are good at cheese, its just i dont like it, and my opinion is reserved.

  9. news just in

    miki mash has been included on the lineup to close up the joint

    is he still part of the blockrockers?

    he wears AFI shirts

  10. Hoops are cool. Full stop.

  11. Anna lunoe is very hot.

    By the way, I'm pretty sure that 99% of Wollongong doesn't know who Agyness Deyn is and wouldn't understand your Hipster Run Off plagirism. Better luck next time guys.

  12. We're all huge fans of HRO here, i don't know why you would think we were trying to plagiarise, i didn't know we had to use the Harvard Referencing Style on our blog.

  13. hoops were crap, and van she tech was a let down....