Monday, June 30, 2008

Liberteen Ranch Wrap Up

©2005-2008 ~mnolte

What a fun night, tradehooks had a blast!

The night started with an awesome set from ?dj name here? whom played songs i never thought i would hear in Wollongong but whilst enjoying a gin or two i noticed that tradehooks was slightly out of place cos somebody failed to mention to us it was a "leather" theme, there was enough to start our own alt cattle farm. The night may have been an alty-fest but i didn't know it was compulsory alt attire to wear a leather jacket or Pea Coat. Also Raybens suck. I dont know how to spell it, but they really are gay. Get yourselves some AF1s and get with it.

Amy Meredith started with "Running" and lead singer Christian trying to hang himself with his mic lead, he failed luckily. Drums were a bit overpowering but that's what you get in a small area like Upstairs Castro's. They did their thing and everyone enjoyed it, i think they are only going to get more popular and loved in the future.

CSK OK were great, playing bloc party etc riffs on guitar during his set is awesome and takes some skill. We didn't stay for his whole set so haven't got all that much to say, other than i posted his track "Welcome" a while ago, and if you loved his stuff last night here it is again.

zshare: CSK OK - Welcome

Spook played his textbook Miami Horror remixes set downstairs, and we only stayed for 2 songs. He threw his arms around like he was doing shout outs to his homies when he dropped the Twelves remix of Im not Gonna Teach Your BF how To Dance.
Then there was ToeCutter.

just woah.

I didn't think Wollongong could handle that many BPM's but everyone did fairly well. The look of confusion/amazement/disbelief/arousal was classic. From his Monolopy-guy moustache to his vocal fills in his tracks, i loved every second of his set. I don't know how many dj's take the time to explain how they have set up their equipment and tell everyone they have a second monitor cos their one on their laptop broke, but i think that is fuckin awesome. He was running ableton somehow, and had an SP 404 sampler and a Kaos effects unit. But IPS sound sucked balls, the speakers just couldnt handle wat toecutter was giving.
Someone should have told him he was holding the mic upside down for the second half of his set though.

When's the next Ranch? Can't wait.


  1. you guys are text book cliche.

  2. I hate textbooks... so much that i returned one to uni and got a store credit.

    What the fuck am i supposed to do with $120 credit to the unishop?

    120 mars bars?

  3. as if you can buy mars bars for $1 these days. they are atleast $2.

    i'll tell you what you can spend the $120 on. the next year of gigs at the uni bar just buy your tickets with your credit.