Friday, January 30, 2009

Fancy Footwork (CSS Remix)

Reminds me of so many video games. Real 80’s Super Mario shit.


zshare: Chromeo- Fancy Footwork (CSS Remix)


Video is collaborated with Kickers


Kickers kicks

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Funk Mixtape - I can't stand the funk

Get it here, 60s 70s 80s funk set

DJ Selecta - I can't stand the funk


Do you know the way (to San Jose) - Dionne Warwick
JB's Monorail - James Brown
Funky Buttercup - Cymande
Our Lifetime - Marvin Gaye
Do you Like it - Bt Express
Put your love (in my tender care) - The Fatback Band
Pickin Cotton - Johnny Talbot and de Thangs
Find Yourself - Marvin Holmes
Back on the Streets Again - Tower of Power
Ride your Pony - The Meters
Greedy G
Funky So and So
Expo 83
Keep on Dancing - The Commodores
Hot, Funky and Sweaty
Do the Funky Penguin Pt2 - Rufus Thomas
Let's Have some fun - Bar Kays
Pan Handler - Billy Cobham
Im too tough for Mr Big Stuff

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Dior Hightops and Kanye Vuitton Lows and Metronomy, Holy Ghost and Hot Chip Live

Hey kids, i got back to Aus last tueday and today is pretty much my first day off work. i didnt even tell my boss i was coming home early and he has already raped me for all im good for. But welcome back to tradehooks, where we post a bit.

I have been saying for a long time that pure black hightops are the bomb, but no one has made one that has been this pant-moistening. part of the new Dior Homme range these are slick black and unique. get some for me someone, for a sweet $945 USD. Also the Louis Vuitton Don, got together with Louis Vuitton for some 2k9 sneakers.

They be pretty hot too. i think he got the idea for the collar around the back from the movie dune. checkout for more details on all the sneakers.

In other news, the whole tradehooks family and extended family got invited up to Hyde Park Barracks to see Metronomy play last Thursday night as part of the Sydney Festival. Pivot, the band who played before, sounded like a half hour tight intro to their own set, which never came. a half hour electronic wall of boredom meltdown. Then these guys stepped out
When metronomy came out, it was a relief to most of us, who needed a break from the continuous round stream to and from the becks bar, serving only becks, a decent bier. Metronomy rock 3 keyboards from what i remember, and have touch night lights on their shirts, which through careful choreography turn on at certain points and entertain the masses. their set was tight, nothing new not on 'nights out', but i could be and absentees destroyed the majority of a bottle of bombay in the arvo, and the becks bar had a new fave group of customers (the tradehooks family). but all up, metronomy were fuckin sick, they are a band you really got to listen to if you havent, and go see them live and give them some AUD love.

Part of the tradehooks family went to see hot chip, supported brilliantly by holy ghost!
holy ghost played a set i could have listened to all night, a set alot of djs could learn from. but they were so good. the majority of the crowd turned up not long before hot chip started, so no great movements on the d-floor, except these two crazy kids in diamonte jackets.

hot chip played a great set, stuff from all the albums and i took a great pic. they were tight as, and had the crowd well revved. i would have liked to have seen what they were like at bdo.
I found this sweet holy ghost! Michael Jackson edit over at blouse

Get on the Floor (Holy ghost! edit) - Michael Jackson

Friday, January 23, 2009


Last year, every now and again, i would lay my hands on some remixes by Delorean. I would listen to one, love it, i’d hear another, love that too.

I realised that EVERY remix i would hear was great. Like ‘Breakbot’ great.

Recommended listening conditions:

  • Sunday late afternoon
  • Driving on the Highway on your way home
  • Preferably travelling at 88mph, safely.
  • Just after buying maccas for the drive home.


Lemonade - Big Weekend (Delorean Remix)

Mystery Jets - Half In Love With Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)

The Big Pink - Too Young to Love (Delorean Remix)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Follow us on Twitter


Twitter is cool, don’t know if its useful to music blogs yet though.

What’s the difference between adding a feed on your RSS reader and ‘following’ a person on twitter?

I think A-trak ‘tweets’ too much..

Monday, January 5, 2009

Blowin' the Cobwebs Off Tradehooks

Shit last post was on the 17th, wtf guys. I guess we have just been too busy doing other shit.
Selecta is in India still looking for a record shop.
Skillz is living with peoples gff's.
And i have been pretending to have a social life.

The blogs have been putting out some solid tracks lately, so im not going to repost anything you can find somewhere else. I thought i would remind our viewers about our mixtapes and that they are all still available for download.

Tradehooks Djs Heath Ledger - Nvr Frgt ya'll Mixtape

Skillz August Tradehooks Mix (Keeping it Gfresh) (Broken link)

Tradehooks Selecta Vol 1

Bangers and Mash Tradehooks Mixtape No. 1 (Broken link...for now)