Thursday, June 26, 2008

Justice to produce RHCP new album.

What happens when you get a group of ex-heroin addict funksters and add the power of one of thebiggest names in french electro at the moment? You get Justice producing the next Red Hot Chilli Peppers album. 

= ???

This info was dropped by electro's worst keeper of secrets, Mr Busy P, in an interview with Datatransmission, he also told us about daft punks new studio work a couple of months back.

 Can busy p keep any secrets at all?
 Would you let busy know about your sick remixes? 
 Does busy have a soul?



  1. havent had a chance to listen to these, but the crookers remix is wicked.

  2. WTF are u talking about?
    wat remix?
    is that spook? It cant be coz he's not talking about a Miami horror remix, LOL rofl

  3. miami horror are NOT producing RHCP. Sorry Spook.

  4. Cmon guys lets not assume the identity of the 'Friday F**kwit'... hehehe

  5. whats the deal with me and miami horror? i dont get it?

    also i didnt post that ^^^^^