Sunday, June 22, 2008

We love sounds 2008 Sydney

Well, its been a little while since this event, but there was things i saw in party pics that hurt my eyes. Im pissed i missed Oizo
Old Fake Bape


Just coz you have lanyards, don't mean ur important, and gives you no right to wear Shudder Frames (and yes i meant to say shudder)

Give me your l33t shirts, but then the name of your hairdresser so i can punch them in the face

If u have curly hair, kinda fat, and black rimmed glasses, you are apparently cool coz u think u look like Jonah Hill.

Things that Annoy Us #1
-Old sweaty people, with dirty T-shirts at dance music festivals, that get their grind on

Things That Annoy Us #2:
-The guy from Sneaky trying to move on Mr Oizo's set

Is the Hoodrat Bang Gangs Best DJ?


  1. Looks an average day overall..

    bit like last year, i reckon its a festival we dont need and would be better if these djs just came over in the summer instead.

  2. You're pretty pretentious if you rip on people without knowing if they belong to that 'mainstream' culture you obviously don't like.

    I own a bape jacket, I like Mr Oizo, I hate sheepish gurners as well...

    but I don't rip on them for having fun.

    Wannabe-elitist trash.