Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Many Lessons Does it Take to Drum for the Presets?

How many lessons does it take to be the drummer of Australia's favourite homo-erotic dance group?

The answer is 2.37

Kim Moyes is the drummer from the Presets, I watched the set of ABC the other night. Man he has talent.......


  1. Both KIM and Julian were classically trained

  2. doesn't mean Kim is good at the drums, it means he is classically trained

    I got this from the Conservatorium of Music's Website for audition to Study Percussion at Bachelor of Music (Performance) & Diploma of Music

    1. Technical requirements:
    Snare Drum - demonstrate from the 40 PAS International Drum Rudiments:
    * single, multi-bounce and double stroke rolls
    * diddle combinations
    * flam combinations
    * drag combinations

    Timpani - demonstrate:
    * long roll (P, F, <,>)
    * tune two timpani in 4ths and/or 5ths from a given A
    * damping techniques
    * Xylophone, Marimba or Vibraphone - demonstrate all major and minor scales and triad arpeggios (2 octaves) Prepared program:
    One short work, or movement from a work, for each of the following:
    o snare drum
    o timpani
    o xylophone, marimba or vibraphone

    At least one of the above must be accompanied by piano or tape.
    * Sight reading:
    o snare drum, xylophone, marimba and/or vibraphone

    Is that hard?
    I dunno, can you pay/sleep your way into the conservatorium?

  3. Simple Drum beats in electronic music? who'd have thought...
    I dont mind if he's a simpleton drummer, his solo productions (and production work with presets) should far overshadow drumming ability.