Saturday, November 29, 2008

Future Music Festival 2009 Lineup!

Oh whats that? Another festival.

You don't have any money? That's too bad.

Who's playing? These guys:

N*E*R*D feat. Pharrell Williams (live)
Basement Jaxx (live)
CSS (live)
Paul Oakenfold
Markus Schulz
Etienne De Crecy (live)
Steve Angello
Sebastian Ingrosso
Joachim Garraud
Christopher Lawrence
Mr Oizo
Yacht (live)
Super 8 & Tab
Silent Disco Arena (ITM)

Sydney - Sat 28 February
Perth - Sun 01 March
Brisbane - Sat 07 March
Melbourne - Sun 08 March
Adelaide - Mon 09 March (ped)

Prism Competition between Etienne De Crecy and Daft Punk (thanks to paul's iphone). SERO watch this video.

This adds to the list of festivals that have/will be in 2008/2009. crazy shit.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bloc Party - Hordern Pavillion 24th November

thanks for the pic pete

Bloc Party were amazing!

It started with another boring Van She performance, they played their usual set and I'm pretty sure the only time the crowd cheered was when they said "You guys excited to see Bloc Party?". They looked bored, they sounded bored.

Then Bloc Party owned the stage like nothing else. They played everyone's favourite tracks, even right from their very first release. Flux, Banquet, Ares, Hunting for Witches, Halo all got everybody jumping and humping.
Except one,
I somehow expected more from Mercury, maybe it was just me, but i wanted to see something happen, like gorillas or something.

Ares was the highlight and the final song they played, started with Kele saying "Lets give you what you want".

no track for this post, just the new architecture in helsinki vid for "that beep":

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep from helsinkids on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bang Gang Deejays at onefiveone

If you're having trouble reading club posters, it says Bang Gang Deejays are playing at onefiveone on the 22nd of Nov...this weekend!

They are currently on their national compilation cd launch tour, playing all sorts of venues. I just got my hands on this compilation, but didn't get the sweat towel with it so i was a little dissapointed, especially because i ran to JBHifi and was extremely sweaty at the counter.

Here is a little mix that will make you want to buy as well.

One thing, when they say Bang Gang they only mean the doom and the hoodrat. No Ajax brothers.


Kato isn't playing but this was blog worthy.

Walkie Talkie found this:
This is Ebbot:

and this is Kato:

oh and another thing, buy the miami horror ep

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ranch Del Liberteeno

Thats right, those crazy kids behind liberteen ranch, havent even washed the fake blood/Tranterco's sweat off yet.. but they have popped up and decided to have a party 2 weeks after their last, rather than 2 months.. Great for partying.. not so great for livers..

I didn't make it to the last one... (stupid exam season) but from all reports it was crazier than a night on the coke with keith richards. Halloween brings out the best/worst in people.

This time around we have:

  • Cassette Kids - They are launching a mini-album (whatever the fuck that is) called We Are, the tracks sound pretty cool and "You Take It" has been getting a bit of airplay from JJJ which is cool. They have that indie, guitar driven, girl on vocals kind of feel, and apparently alot of energy on stage which should be fun to see/get drunk too.

Listen to their tracks on their myspace

  • Pomomofo - I hadn't heard too much about these guys other than a few tracks however on investigating their myspace.. i like their stuff even more.. especially the toxic avenger remix of Island. They are touring their new ep In super VGA.. me likes. Can't wait to see them.. potential highlight of the night.
This is the band doing their best Alt Joker's

  • Spook - Wollongong's hardest working DJ, you know him ... he plays at everything and usually gets the kids dancing.. he doesn't love alot of our posts.

  • Obama Bin Laden - No idea who this crazy kid is.... couldn't find the artist on myspace... hopefully its a b2b set of Osama vs. Obama. Update:This masked raider has appeared at ranchs before.. however has split with his previous collaborator... watch this space for more Obama Ben Laden news.

  • Tradehooks DJ's - i.e. us... we are opening the night.. complete Ed Banger discography. SRSLY we will be dropping a bit of everything.. old... new.... really old... then getting drunk as.
Hit the Liberteen Ranch myspace for guest list spots... save you $5... which can buy you 1 beer. or 2 soft drinks. (that might be untrue)

Ah yeh.. its on friday the 14th too... exams are over.. your liver has potentially had 2 weeks off... PUNISH IT.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

tradehooks Heath Ledger "Nvr forget y'all" mixtape

The new tradehooks mixtape is finally here. this one has been produced on different levels by all of the tradehooks team (absentees, selecta and skillz)

With some cracking new, not so new, downright old and outdated tunes, its the bomb. whack it in ur car stereo and let the good times roll

With tracks from:

Treasure Fingers
Midnight Juggernauts
Theatre of Disco
Death From Above 1979
David Rubato
Sebastien Tellier
Holy Ghost
The Virgins
Grand Popo Football Club
Booka Shade
Doobie Brothers
Mr. Oizo

Its good
Have a Listen

tradehooks Heath Ledger "Nvr forget y'all" mixtape