Thursday, June 5, 2008

nightlife, nothing to blog about here

browsing some local recent party pics and then all of a sudden, i saw something that surprised me. OMG WTF TIESTO!?!?! it must be, orchestrating the crowd, standing above the decks like the messiah of tech house, nothing he can play can be wrong, playing exclusive unreleased trax he found when he was digging in tokyo earlier in the week?then i spoke to a well informed member of tradehooks skillz, to checkitout, and i was let down. turned out it was a shitty brotherly qld DJ duo who was playing at a pub with a new coat of paint. these 'DJs' who have been playing the same trax off sessions 3 and onelove mixtapes for the last 4 years. do these fggts no wat it's like to spend hours sneezing from the dust, going through thousands of vinyl, sometimes with no avail,for that chance to find that diamond, probs no.
At least they have a kute alt-AZN in the box (i know its not Aoki, but they couldnt afford him) , which reminded me of something our good friends at Hipster Runoff said a few weeks ago about AZNs

Do most AZNs try to be white people or black people?
Or are AZNs just being AZNs?
Or are we all just trying to be Agyness Deyn?

is that guy standing on the bar an MC? the last time i checked MCs wore fresh threads, not 'Fresh Jive'. wore custom AF1 trainers and knew what Kurtis Blow, Beastie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Poets of Rhythm, meant to the game. and to be a real DJ do u have to wear tight black V-necks with dog tags, even though you have done no military service for our country. Real DJs dress like the boys below, shifty yet cool, have their own style, and people want to be just like them.
A real DJ stage needs the following things;
-at least 3 french guys
-someone signed by at least Ed Banger
-someone who has an album that has no letters in its' title, yet is a word
-some PU$IE, and some cleavage showing
-an alt-AZN
-Djs with cool vintage Ts
-steve aoki (this is the first party pic aoki has not been featured in, ever)
-DJs being humble

This is Justice, and busy P is on just to the left of the speaker. this is in Canberra, last year at Academy. Probably the 2nd biggest DJ duo in the world, after Daft Punk, do you see any of them ever stand on their desks, the answer is no. So, Stafford Bros, and all you other wanna-be-alt-DJs fuckin sit the fuck down

If your music is good enough you don't need to stand up there

Fuck you all,

Your Boi


  1. word.

    maybe they should spend more time mixing b2b. and less time mc-ing/dancing on the bar.

    is it coyote ugly?

    didn't think so.

    just a thought.

    nice pic of the ed banger crew. so fresh and so clean. clean.

  2. i swear i saw you the other day waring a tight black v neck.

    arnt you guys like half AZN anyway.



  3. i just wanna be like the stafford bros, dont be hatin player

  4. im just tryin to get onto aokis guestlist

  5. on another note everyone is entitled to there own opinon but it is a bit raw making asumptions on something you have not been to.

    also no one has been stabbed there thats a lie.

  6. Yeh... we dropped the part about 151.. it was never really aimed at 151... more just internet chatter about stafford brothers.

    We will check it out soon.

    Ill just have to round up my azn alt-bros.

  7. it was kinda aimed at onefiveone

  8. ill get bent and say what the fuck is with the verification word beign 42 characters long? i just wont to post my comment...

    anyway i sort of agree with you selecta, but not everyone in australia are in tune (pun int.) with the deejaying/club scene, after all this club is located in wollongong and its up to the venue management to decided what style of music they want played..

    so in saying that, the 151 crew obviously were after electrohouse djs standing on bars mcing since tehy picked the sessions tour for thier venue, its all about making money and these sk's make money doing corny commercial shit.. its thier choice

    now i lay down and listen to my various oizo/add2basket/chris lake/nic fanculi mixes and appreciate their sound because i KNOW it is at the forefront of thier field, these cats at 151 just play thier tunes because the girls cream and the dudes bounce..

    so in conclusion, yes thier music is cheese, but i have nothing against creaming girls and bouncing dudes.

    it makes for a fucking top night


  9. I've got nothing against anyone wanting to put shit on any dj that you cats don't consider the greatest thing since sliced vinyl (but c'mon, seriously, the ed banget shit is done to death... it's time for disco)... but hassling out the alt azn kid in the booth doesn't cut it.

  10. disco aye, are you still listening to Hed Kandi Mixes?

  11. firstly i hope the disco comment was a joke. yeah ed banger is a bit more popular nowdays but in my opinion they are still dropping some mind blowing shit.

    secondly. the comment about the alt - azn is by no means hassling him. we love alt azns at tradehooks.. it was the only redeeming factor of the booth... and spooks disney jacket hahahaha


    for an education on everything alt.

  13. Misty, pretty sure you just hated on my label, until nike make you your own custom pair of AF1s, then you can dis my label


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hed Kandi? I said disco, not handbag house. Im talking the space junk coming out of sweden etc atm, think terje. Tech infused with just a hint of soul and sitting at 106-108. Some of the french cats started out producing disco and filtered house before progressing to what they are doing now

    And yeah, i agree about edbanger... there's still some gems coming out. Im just starting to tire of the sound a little


    No sir Mr Busy P sir, I would never dis you're label... im french trapped in a pasty aussies body who spends too much time in his room listening to obscure russian music blogs hoping one day something i make will get picked up. can i send you a demo?

  16. Fuck whoever writes this blog is so fucking lame.
    Trying to be Wollongongs version of HRO does NOT make you cool.

  17. Copying HRO and thinking no-one will notice? Big in 2K9?

    Writing off this blog and HRO via the means of a HRO write off. Big in 2K10?

  18. writing off this blog and having no balls to put a name on ur post, big in 2k11 post electro-recession?

  19. matt from corrimalJune 14, 2008 at 1:08 PM

    Hey tradehooks.

    Will you guys be reading pitchfork everyday in 3 months time and be posting about how original M83's latest album is only until you realise he listened to a fuckload of MBV and smoked some grass?

    Coz ya'll know your leather oxfords wont associate with the electro scene no more.

    See you guys at 151 tonight??

  20. "Anonymous said...

    Fuck whoever writes this blog is so fucking lame.
    Trying to be Wollongongs version of HRO does NOT make you cool."

    Sooo, NOT trying to be Wollongong's version of HRO DOES make you cool?

  21. hey anonymous.

    we never pretended that our jokes about azns and other HRO related comments were our own original stuff.

    We are just some peeps expressing our opinions whilst paying tribute to a blog we think is hilarious. In the comment sections of this blog for instance i point out that some of our jokes come from HRO.

    HRO is more of a scene site. How many tracks do you see them posting, whilst we use several recurring jokes from that website, we don't really delve into the same areas.

    I have no problems with criticism, if they are either legitimate or constructive.

    If you think our blog sucks, write your own one. Or you could just troll the internet all day long posting comments. Your choice.

    Matt from corrimal, i dont even understand what you have written haha? I have personally liked electro leaning dance music since about 2005 - 2004ish, and even with the looming electro recession (HRO), i think i will still continue to enjoy it. And for the record i have never enjoyed an M83 track.


  22. matt from corrimalJune 14, 2008 at 10:43 PM

    im preeeeeeeeeetty sure posting updates about trax justice have sampled was cool circa may 07 post cross release date.

    oh yeah sk.
    give it 6 months. 20 bucks says u will be listening to new order and your brain will keep asking you "what if ian didn't pass?"

  23. thanks matt from corrimal, i'll write that down...

  24. oh and thanks for keep coming back to check our blog. We love our loyal readers :)

  25. haha misty. you just got owned by busy p