Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skatey P, One Guy from The Strokes and Santogold Do it For Converse

I have an exam tomorrow
this time of the year sux
At the moment i look down at a page that is titled 'Marxism'- GAY!!!!!!
It's almost as gay as that time Skillz woke up in my parents bed, with his arm over my dog, and me in my jocks spooning him
That guy
That is the coolest pic of him i could find
He is one of the few people in those crazy old photos, who actually smiles
Thats totally last century alt!

Anyway, Casablancas, Pharrel and Santogold got together and released a song for the 100th Anniversary of Converse
I can't stop listening to it

It's titled My Drive Thru- Pharrel, Julian Casablancas and Santogold {zshare}

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  1. thats way to much information about you and your dog and your mums bed.