Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Liberteen Ranch - 28th June

The Liberteen Ranch is hosting another party at Castros on the 28th of June (that's a saturday). Past Salads with Ranch dressing have included Grafton Primary, Cassette Kids and Miami Horror.

This month the lineup includes Amy Meredith, ToeCutter and CSK OK!

This shit gets pretty popular so if you're interested you can get tickets from Redback next week for $10 or at the door for $15.

If you're a bit lost with the people playing here is a picture and song to help you.

Amy Meredith - They have multiple hairstyles, wear leather jackets and have this track "Running" that i can't stop playing.
They are releasing their new EP.
Amy Meredith - Running

ToeCutter - He wears glasses, plays chess and does a sweet remix of Oizo's Patrick 122
Mr Oizo - Patrick 122 (ToeCutter Remix)

CSK OK! - A stack of amplifiers that you can hire for a night. They make some cool music, especially the track Welcome that i love. Looking forward to this.
CSK OK! - Welcome

Hope that helps.


  1. pretty sure amy meredith are wearing the justice brand leather jackets, that u have to flash the justice cross on the lining for people to know the value of wat ur wearing

  2. that toecutter remix is horrid... good searching but sorry dude its just a choppy version of oizo's already choppy patrick 122!

    sounds like the original track skipping in a cd player..

    CSK... funky

  3. way to state the obvious hendrik

  4. hey anonymous' id love to put your balls in a vice.

    get a real name... like J-Spek, Jurrasic 5, Carlson Kressley..

    you know.. cool names