Monday, June 30, 2008

Liberteen Ranch Wrap Up

©2005-2008 ~mnolte

What a fun night, tradehooks had a blast!

The night started with an awesome set from ?dj name here? whom played songs i never thought i would hear in Wollongong but whilst enjoying a gin or two i noticed that tradehooks was slightly out of place cos somebody failed to mention to us it was a "leather" theme, there was enough to start our own alt cattle farm. The night may have been an alty-fest but i didn't know it was compulsory alt attire to wear a leather jacket or Pea Coat. Also Raybens suck. I dont know how to spell it, but they really are gay. Get yourselves some AF1s and get with it.

Amy Meredith started with "Running" and lead singer Christian trying to hang himself with his mic lead, he failed luckily. Drums were a bit overpowering but that's what you get in a small area like Upstairs Castro's. They did their thing and everyone enjoyed it, i think they are only going to get more popular and loved in the future.

CSK OK were great, playing bloc party etc riffs on guitar during his set is awesome and takes some skill. We didn't stay for his whole set so haven't got all that much to say, other than i posted his track "Welcome" a while ago, and if you loved his stuff last night here it is again.

zshare: CSK OK - Welcome

Spook played his textbook Miami Horror remixes set downstairs, and we only stayed for 2 songs. He threw his arms around like he was doing shout outs to his homies when he dropped the Twelves remix of Im not Gonna Teach Your BF how To Dance.
Then there was ToeCutter.

just woah.

I didn't think Wollongong could handle that many BPM's but everyone did fairly well. The look of confusion/amazement/disbelief/arousal was classic. From his Monolopy-guy moustache to his vocal fills in his tracks, i loved every second of his set. I don't know how many dj's take the time to explain how they have set up their equipment and tell everyone they have a second monitor cos their one on their laptop broke, but i think that is fuckin awesome. He was running ableton somehow, and had an SP 404 sampler and a Kaos effects unit. But IPS sound sucked balls, the speakers just couldnt handle wat toecutter was giving.
Someone should have told him he was holding the mic upside down for the second half of his set though.

When's the next Ranch? Can't wait.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I Like...


Hendrik Mixtapes

Hendrik Chillin with Australia Hip Hop Superstar Anthony Mundine?

For those of you who are regular readers of tradehooks, you would have noticed some guy called Hendrik stirring the pot in pretty much every post he can get his hands on.

I personally believe he is a fuck and it is hurting me to actually to talk about him (jks)
But me and hendrik have a history, we used to play u11's Illawarra Rep Basketball together, and that crew is tight.

Hendrik also knows shit all about Hip Hop

But other than this he is a good guy, and turns out a half reasonable mixtape DJ at the same time. I have no idea what he uses to mix, but its put together well. He tells me for his latest mix he was drunk/high when he was putting it together. But me and Absentees had a listen last night and we thought it was tradehooks worthy.

I used M.I.A and Uffie as tags because he abuses both of them. Even though he tore on Uffie in every post on here she has been in.

His latest Mix My Shitty Mixtape Vol. 2

His Mix from Early 2007 My Shitty Mixtape Vol. 1


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy P- To Protect and Entertain REMIXES

My man from Ed Banger Pedro AKA Busy P has been hard at work with all his new shit, now that he has given up managing two robots in their quest for global music supremacy.

Pedrophilia EP has been released or is gonna be released in the next few days

These are the remixes from the release

Busy P Feat. Murs - To Protect and Entertain (DJ Mehdi 99Rap ReMix)

Busy P Feat. Murs - To Protect and Entertain (Mr Oizo Remix)

Busy P Feat. Murs - To Protect and Entertain (So Me Get Naked Remix)

In other news Pedro dropped that Justice are producing Red Hot Chilli Peppers

tradehooks gay agyness deyn lookalike pic

And these are awesome, I knew boat shoes were coming in

Justice to produce RHCP new album.

What happens when you get a group of ex-heroin addict funksters and add the power of one of thebiggest names in french electro at the moment? You get Justice producing the next Red Hot Chilli Peppers album. 

= ???

This info was dropped by electro's worst keeper of secrets, Mr Busy P, in an interview with Datatransmission, he also told us about daft punks new studio work a couple of months back.

 Can busy p keep any secrets at all?
 Would you let busy know about your sick remixes? 
 Does busy have a soul?


How Many Lessons Does it Take to Drum for the Presets?

How many lessons does it take to be the drummer of Australia's favourite homo-erotic dance group?

The answer is 2.37

Kim Moyes is the drummer from the Presets, I watched the set of ABC the other night. Man he has talent.......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tradehooks DJ Selecta Solo Mixtape

Started one night at the start of May, and on the second day of work yesterday, i finished it.
Its a mixtape i just wanna chuck in the car on a long drive, or put it on with some friends around. It's all good, still havent perfected my ableton skills, but I'm hopefully getting beta than the Bangers and Mash Mixtape from early in the year

tradehooks Djs Presents Selecta Mixtape 1

This is now a better mix, had some time this arvo. Fixed up the big issues
checkitout, tell me what u think

onefiveone - friday 27th june

That's this friday bro. Who would've thought tradehooks would post something for onefiveone?!?
But the only reason im posting this is because i think the poster matches well with our blog colour scheme.

Bag Raiders
Pete Spencer
Jem Quinn

You going?

mp3: Midnight Juggernauts - Twenty Thousand Leagues (Bag Raiders Remix)

p.s. don't forget about liberteen ranch this weekend

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alt Slideshow


Alt bro/ho slideshow. At the Ranch on the 20th of December 2007

Liberteen Ranch 20th Dec 2007


Absentees is there

This Saturday the Ranch is on Again at Castros
See previous post for details

Sébastien Tellier at Eurovision 2008?

WTF? where have i been?
Sebastian Tellier was France's representative this year at Eurovision.
His song Divine is an amazing track, and his back catalogue is mindblowing (especially Sexuality, produced by Daft Punk's Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo), but he did not stand a chance against the unique musical stylings of Dunstin the Turkey Puppet the representative from Ireland.

zshare: Vicarious Bliss vs Sébastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Reprise)

He finished in 19th, and the only countries who believed his music was half-decent were Iceland and Lithuania, big shout out to Reykjavik and Vilnius citys.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We love sounds 2008 Sydney

Well, its been a little while since this event, but there was things i saw in party pics that hurt my eyes. Im pissed i missed Oizo
Old Fake Bape


Just coz you have lanyards, don't mean ur important, and gives you no right to wear Shudder Frames (and yes i meant to say shudder)

Give me your l33t shirts, but then the name of your hairdresser so i can punch them in the face

If u have curly hair, kinda fat, and black rimmed glasses, you are apparently cool coz u think u look like Jonah Hill.

Things that Annoy Us #1
-Old sweaty people, with dirty T-shirts at dance music festivals, that get their grind on

Things That Annoy Us #2:
-The guy from Sneaky trying to move on Mr Oizo's set

Is the Hoodrat Bang Gangs Best DJ?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Love Unofficial Music Videos

MGMT - "Kids"

SebastiAn - "Walkman"

Justice - "Tthhee PPaarrttyy"

Justice - "Phantom Pt. II" (Not sure if unofficial, fucked up though)

LCD Soundsystem - "Dogs Up close with a wide angle lens"

Mr. Oizo - "Patrick 122" (Weeeeird)

Cut Copy - "Hearts on Fire" (Nokia N series winning vid)


DOOM - End of Exams Party UOW

LG SHINE 2Megapixel

Yeh good night, problem is i didn't even notice/realise that DOOM started when he did. Is that a good thing? He played a solid set, well... i enjoyed it anyway.

ZOMG WTF!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

When changed their layout and menus to be bigger, blue and have rounded edges we couldn't find a reason not to make a myspace.


If you're a dj, especially from Wollongong, add us, send us a track/mixtape/remix and we'll probably post it up (if it's good).
If you're not a dj, you can add us as well.

If anyone went saw Van She Tech last night, leave a comment, let us know how it was, send some party pix ("Hipster Runoff", 2008,, accessed: 21.6.08).

zshare: Sigur Ros - "Saeglopur"(MMMatthias Remix)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parklife 2008 Lineup Announced

The lineup for Parklife 2008 has been announced on inthemix

Dizzee Rascal
Martin Solveig
Plump DJs
Jesse Rose
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Metro Area
Van She
Boy 8-Bit
Bag Raiders Live
Grafton Primary
Van She Tech
& many more

Adelaide – Saturday 27th September
Melbourne – Sunday 28th September
Perth – Monday 29th September
Brisbane – Saturday 4th October
Sydney – Sunday 5th October

Thats pretty good

Monday, June 16, 2008

What the Heck? Van She Tech.

Van She have got sick of at playing at UOW and have moved on to do a DJ set at Cooneys this Friday.

Teenagers - Alone Again (Van She Tech Remix)

Who's doin Party Pix? Cobrasnake?
Who the F are Hoops? If you know leave a comment. Could they be Australias' answer to Agyness Deyn?

Unofficial Uffie Video:

I bet you go to her myspace

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remember Muscles?? He released a new vid

Muscles has released his video for "The Lake" from his 2007 album Guns Babes and Lemonade. I'm not sure what the dealio with this is, i thought we all stopped listening to that album (if we ever were) as it was released September 07.
The vid is pretty cool though, have a look, its worth watching it once. Not much to say about the track though.

Muscles also has some thing going on with doing a few acoustic versions of tracks from Guns Babes. That would be cool, just to see what he can do. Check his site

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Old Justice Track 2003

Okay, this morning I woke up, 2 hours probably too early, my body was telling me, Selecta, man give me some more. i couldn't, my room was brighter than old gregs minge, and it was heating up like the small camp oven it is.

i rolled over and saw my itouch, a great source of Wifi entertainment. i navigated my way to my favourite aggregator and found this gem

A Justice 2003 release, from an obscure French mixtape, pre Cross,
Dunno if it is an Ed Banger release, if anyone knows anything come checkitout

Thanks to wavesatnight

JUSTICE- Sure You Will

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Connect 4

This is a bit different to my usual ed banger rants, or juicy uffie nips.

But i like it. Its funny. 

This was apparently the first time kanye played his lil wayne lollipop remix , that selecta creams his panties over.

Kanye West vs. Jonah Hill 

Connect 4

Skatey P, One Guy from The Strokes and Santogold Do it For Converse

I have an exam tomorrow
this time of the year sux
At the moment i look down at a page that is titled 'Marxism'- GAY!!!!!!
It's almost as gay as that time Skillz woke up in my parents bed, with his arm over my dog, and me in my jocks spooning him
That guy
That is the coolest pic of him i could find
He is one of the few people in those crazy old photos, who actually smiles
Thats totally last century alt!

Anyway, Casablancas, Pharrel and Santogold got together and released a song for the 100th Anniversary of Converse
I can't stop listening to it

It's titled My Drive Thru- Pharrel, Julian Casablancas and Santogold {zshare}

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Liberteen Ranch - 28th June

The Liberteen Ranch is hosting another party at Castros on the 28th of June (that's a saturday). Past Salads with Ranch dressing have included Grafton Primary, Cassette Kids and Miami Horror.

This month the lineup includes Amy Meredith, ToeCutter and CSK OK!

This shit gets pretty popular so if you're interested you can get tickets from Redback next week for $10 or at the door for $15.

If you're a bit lost with the people playing here is a picture and song to help you.

Amy Meredith - They have multiple hairstyles, wear leather jackets and have this track "Running" that i can't stop playing.
They are releasing their new EP.
Amy Meredith - Running

ToeCutter - He wears glasses, plays chess and does a sweet remix of Oizo's Patrick 122
Mr Oizo - Patrick 122 (ToeCutter Remix)

CSK OK! - A stack of amplifiers that you can hire for a night. They make some cool music, especially the track Welcome that i love. Looking forward to this.
CSK OK! - Welcome

Hope that helps.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Does Dunston, in 'Dunston Checks In' Have the Perfect Alt-Tits?

can animals have perfect alt-tits?

DLO - Digital Love


If you haven't heard about DLO here's what he has to say about himself...

"Back in 2001 some kid in Australia got sick of bad house music and boring parties. So he decided to start DJing. He figured the only way this would happen was to get together with his buddy Magic Happens, get some friends bands to play, buy some Chromeo and David Bowie records and make everyone dance til 7am."

He has toured Australia with peeps like the Klaxons, Cut Copy, Pnau, Van She and Midnight Juggernauts...damn.

DLO Myspace

He's got some sweet taste in music and sent me this track to post up.

mp3: DLO - Hold Message

PS. should i be asking lots of questions in this post?
would that be too much like HRO?
am i contradicting myself?
is more than one mirror ball too many in da clbz?

Friday, June 6, 2008


Alright so Ed Rec Vol 3 officially comes out on the 9th, here is the little promotional video.


and here's a little gif for your myspaces' ..yay!
and Busy P the legend himself is bringing out his new EP titled "PEDROPHILIA" and it flows like this:

and if you want some of these...
submit your Ed Rec Fan Art to here (i took the liberty of translating it from CRZY french) to win the chance to buy one of only 60 pairs of Busy P AF1's.

you heard me right, you win, you get the opportunity to BUY the shoes, that's how hot these babies are. they don't even guarantee they will have your size.
oh and did i mention you have to be there in paris to BUY them in person.

and if you like the shit, buy the shit

track links down

most of our tracks links will be down cos we got hated on by some higher authority. Hopefully have them all back up soon.

if you really wanted to listen to something and can't...blame coldplay

Thursday, June 5, 2008

nightlife, nothing to blog about here

browsing some local recent party pics and then all of a sudden, i saw something that surprised me. OMG WTF TIESTO!?!?! it must be, orchestrating the crowd, standing above the decks like the messiah of tech house, nothing he can play can be wrong, playing exclusive unreleased trax he found when he was digging in tokyo earlier in the week?then i spoke to a well informed member of tradehooks skillz, to checkitout, and i was let down. turned out it was a shitty brotherly qld DJ duo who was playing at a pub with a new coat of paint. these 'DJs' who have been playing the same trax off sessions 3 and onelove mixtapes for the last 4 years. do these fggts no wat it's like to spend hours sneezing from the dust, going through thousands of vinyl, sometimes with no avail,for that chance to find that diamond, probs no.
At least they have a kute alt-AZN in the box (i know its not Aoki, but they couldnt afford him) , which reminded me of something our good friends at Hipster Runoff said a few weeks ago about AZNs

Do most AZNs try to be white people or black people?
Or are AZNs just being AZNs?
Or are we all just trying to be Agyness Deyn?

is that guy standing on the bar an MC? the last time i checked MCs wore fresh threads, not 'Fresh Jive'. wore custom AF1 trainers and knew what Kurtis Blow, Beastie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Poets of Rhythm, meant to the game. and to be a real DJ do u have to wear tight black V-necks with dog tags, even though you have done no military service for our country. Real DJs dress like the boys below, shifty yet cool, have their own style, and people want to be just like them.
A real DJ stage needs the following things;
-at least 3 french guys
-someone signed by at least Ed Banger
-someone who has an album that has no letters in its' title, yet is a word
-some PU$IE, and some cleavage showing
-an alt-AZN
-Djs with cool vintage Ts
-steve aoki (this is the first party pic aoki has not been featured in, ever)
-DJs being humble

This is Justice, and busy P is on just to the left of the speaker. this is in Canberra, last year at Academy. Probably the 2nd biggest DJ duo in the world, after Daft Punk, do you see any of them ever stand on their desks, the answer is no. So, Stafford Bros, and all you other wanna-be-alt-DJs fuckin sit the fuck down

If your music is good enough you don't need to stand up there

Fuck you all,

Your Boi

Uffie. Nippley Party Pics Thursday.

Hate her of Love her... Uffie is a pretty bangin electro chick, she is basically the "female version of steve aoki" (selecta). Except that she is not a massive douche bag, nah Aoki is cool, but some party pics came to my attention thanks to the Alt-Bro's over at hipsterrunoff.
The pictures in question all depict uffie in a pink see-thru, outfit. Whilst not the most glamorous of fashion choices, as one blog puts it, "With nips that juicy, how can you not blog about them".


Selecta likes this one:

Cheveuxmaison & Spektral Mixtape

Spektral and Cheveuxmaison are 2 guys that are in a Dutch DJ Collective "Vettig & Morsig" (Dirty & Greasy) and decided to make a mix together. You may have already heard some of their stuff but they decided to test out a mixtape that is a bit lighter and poppyer than usual.

Cheveuxmaison (Huub) http://www. myspace. com/cheveuxmaison

Dont ask me how to pronounce those names, what i can tell you is that the track list is as follows:

1. Evan (Instrumental) // Jan Hammer
2. Teen Color // College
3. NERD (Never Ending Romance Disaster) // Anoraak
4. Im Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix) // Black Kids
5. Aerius Light (Breakbot's Rework) // DatA
6. American Boy (Feat. Kanye West) // Estelle
7. American Boy (Danger Remix) // Estelle
8. DVNO (Surkin Remix) // Justice
9. White Night Two // Surkin
10. She's Got The Heat (Cryptonites Remix) // Russ Chimes
11. Beatbox (Lady Foursquare rmx) // Art of Noise
12. Great DJ [Calvin Harris Remix] // The Ting Tings
13. Kickstart Le Brommer (Rubix remix) // LeLe
14. Baba O Riley (RAC Edit) // the Who
15. There's No Justice // C├ęcile
16. Working Together (Boys Noize Dub Mix vs Spektral edit) // Gonzales
17. Momy (Leaked Version) // SebastiAn
18. Do You Wanna Funk? // Culture prophet
19. Pow Pow Pow // Fabian
20. Lion (CSK OK Remix) // ZZZ
21. Shiny Disco Balls (Don Nola remix) // Who da funk
22. Backfire at the Disco (South Central Remix) // the Wombats
23. Disco Sirens (D.i.m. rmx) // Midfield General
24. Disco Sirens ( Them Jeans edit ) // Midfield General
25. Come On (Rogerseventytwo rmx) // MeloManics

Looks good yes? Get's better when you hear it.

mp3: Cheveuxmaison & Spektral Collaborative Mixtape
PS Selecta loves the Hall and Oates Cover

tt - Lily Allen Refix

i never gave into the temptation of buying gayfarers

tt is a DJ from Toronto, he's 21 and is showing good signs of releasing some solid remixes.
We found him while wandering around on myspace and liked the sound of his Lily Allen Refix, so we asked him to send it to us so we could have a listen and here is what we got.

mp3: tt - Lily Allen Refix

If you've got something you think is worthy of taking on the blogosphere don't hesitate sending it to us at tradehooks[at]