Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barack Obama, Malik Yusef, Kanye West & Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Get Together to Make Sweet Hip Hop Musique - Promised Land

Image by Lenkaa

Here at tradehooks, we don't really post much about politics coz...well we just don't
But Selecta, he believes that politics and his beloved hip hop should be kept seperate, that's why he don't like the Herd, and NaS's new album.

Anyway, Obamy released a campaign album, called 'yes we can' (he is a Treacherous Three fan? dunno), and he asked his BFFs Kanye West, Malik Yusef and Adam Levine (a white guy) to get together and drop some shit. So they made 'the promised land', a decent track, mainly coz of the timbalandesque drums about halfway through. listen to it.

Nb. you might know Malik from the outro on Yeezy's "Crack Music" or from Common's "My City", two BANGING trax

Malik Yusef ft. Kanye West and Adam Levine - Promised Land

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Mr Oizo Album Due November 17

A preview of a new track from Ed Banger's Mr Oizo, which is due out on his album on November 17

The guy is a french genius and this track bangs my balls

Mr Oizo - Positif (preview)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Justice - Planisphere (MMMatthias Remix)

Justice did this set thingo for Dior Homme a while ago and it felt like the blogosphere just went "meh". Then they released this thing called Planisphere and everyone was like "OMG WTF THIS IS S00000 AMZIN", but me i was like "meh".

Now MMMatthias has remixed it and im excited, i have not listened to a MMMatthias remix yet i don't like.

DL it now!

zshare: Justice - Planisphere (MMMatthias Remix)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daft Punk in Australia 2k8 @ Nevereverland?

The first time i went to Nevereverland i met a guy called Peter Pan
The second time i met Robin Williams dressed up like Peter Pan
The third time i met 2 robots called Daft Punk, which with their interplanetary powers sent Modular bankrupt (again)
The fourth time i went to Nevereverland hasn't happened yet, but i think Daft Punk or someone as good like Justice or Mr Oizo will probably play at it. You can't make a shitter party, things have always got to be better. But can Daft Punk Actually be topped, or will they return, without helmets or a spaceship?

See for yourself

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If Spook Could Make One Track...

This would be it, what a crowd pleaser...

Show Me Love (Miami Horror Remix) - Robin S

Major Hype

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soulwax +Atrak + 2manyDjs + Monday

Hello Internets.

Today i have three tasty morsels for you happy punters out there:

1. Soulwax have released a new dvd, im trying to get my hands on a copy as we speak, i believe it is a dvd of live Soulwax sets/ 2manydjs sets / Touring banter. Its called Part of the Weekend never dies.

here is the intro

2 and 3:

Atrak is a great turntablist and it seems quite an attention whore. Below he presents Atrak's Guide to Hotels:

The Standard Hotel in LA

Some Swedish Hotel:

Thats all. 

History Lesson #1

Don't get in the way of big black women and their rights
Whether it be regarding employment standards/regulations or the status of your relationship

Especially when her name is Aretha and Lou Marini is doing the dishes out back

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day in Fields 09

Wow. Is it that time of year already. This morning the lineup for Field Day 09 dropped, and it is sexual. The ones in bold are the ones that i would pay to see. And as im sure you realise, it is most of them. Tradehooks favourite son Busy P is coming out again, with mehdi, who apparently dropped a sick set at ARQ last year, with the Bang Gang boys. Trizzy (A-Trak) is a turntable dominator and not to be missed. Digitalism played a sweet live set at the Oxford Art Factory last year, and im not going to lie, the awesome house sounds of Roger Sanchez would hit the spot on a warm sydney night.

Roger Sanchez
Santogold (Live)
Digitalism (Live)

Jamie Lidell (Live)
Boys Noize

Late Of The Pier (Live)
Yo Majesty (Live)
Busy P
DJ Mehdi

Adam Freeland
Fort Knox 5
Cicada (Live)
& many more

Its on new years day 09, tickets are 120+BF, General public tickets will then be available through Fuzzy and Ticketek at midday Tuesday September 23rd.

These MNSTRM bro's on the biscuits want you there! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Remix) 320kbps

©2005-2008 ~MULKT

I'm a hypeslut, i don't even like this remix.

zshare: MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Remix)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow

I was gonna post a live set of the Rolling Stones when they toured Australia in 1973, but I only got video footage at the moment, and there are interviews and shit in it, so stay tuned

But for now my favourite Rolling Stones Song. One of my very close friends walked down the aisle at her wedding to this. It was perfectly fitting

Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow (320 kbps)

Buy the Stones at amazon.com or itunes

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm gonna buy something Lacoste

I saw this in one of my heaps exclusive fashion magazines that i get hourly everyday, it's part of Lacoste's Spring/Summer 2008 ad campaign.

Makes me want to buy some Lacoste, not the gay mod golfer stuff, like something good. Maybe i won't suit the brand until i join a country/tennis/golf club.

mp3: LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" New Single

Hey y'all
its exciting times here at tradehooks, coz our man Yeezy (Kanye West) has got himself a new single out tomorrow, Love Lockdown which is from his new album due this December.

He has been playing Love Lockdown on a few of his recent shows, and last night at the VMAs.

So we got that performance vid here

And if you're into lo-fi here is the live track for you to gag over till tomoz

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old News - Kanye West - Good Morning Video Clips Plus Common and Skatey P and CSS

So a few weeks ago this video got leaked
the film clip for Kanye West's 'Good Morning', a song released nearly a year ago now
ye has released i believe 6 videos from Graduation, and i think its about time for some new shit

the reason that we are posting this now is that this full video has been deleted everywhere, and we spent a fair while looking everywhere and found three, that at this moment still work

They are in order of quality

Kanye West - GoodMorning (Official Video) from Mylo on Vimeo.

or go here
Other Vids we dig at the moment

CSS - Move

and Common feat Pharrell - Announcement, this was harder to find than the Yeezy ones

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kraftwerk Remixed By Busy P - Plus Big Day Out Headliner Announced

©2007-2008 ~ejan

Finally another Ed Banger post on tradehooks.
it's been too long my friend

I came across this bomb track whilst browsing the internet this evening.

Kraftwerk - It's More Fun to Compute (Busy P Remix)

I like it

great success

oh and on a side note WESC headphones from sweden are by far the most superior DJ headphones in the world. their sound is head and shoulders over those shitty Sennheiser HD25s or whatever the fuck they are
Check out WESC

Plus they have the coolest ads

In other news Neil Young will headline 2009 (2k9) Big Day Out Festivals

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lykke Li, gets Blogging and a sweet Familjen Remix

Lykke Li is on tour somewhere, and for some reason I am writing in italics. It seems fitting for her perfectly formed poetic words, which is really the main reason for posting this blog actually. i wish she would write for tradehooks, rather than the racist drawl we usually post. Read on blipstaz

Trippiditrapp. In between places, in between spaces right now and I’m still nowhere to be found. Something I've learned from all this insane travelling, hotel skipping, late nights and God knows what, is the importance of looking glamorous while loosing your mind. (As well as beeing well educated off course, KIDS READ MORE BOOKS! ) Not that it matters that much beeing glam but one should always have a mission in life, at least for the day. I’m actually not really losing my mind, in fact life could not be better, it's just a lot of this and that, and you who know me all know I’m a bit confused and need some structure in my life to not get lost in the daydreaming. That's why I’m laying here in my hotel room in Oslo in a silk Kimono I bought at the Re (???) in Hamburg. Don't know if you know that place but it's really crazy, it's the ultimate place to hang if you're a stripper or looking to buy a ladyfriend for the night (rather cheap actually). Unfortunately I did not buy any love but I bought a silk kimono, it was at this really shady vintage place and it costed 15 Euro but I twinkled my eye and spoke the only German I knew and got it down to 10 Euro.

Fantastic, finally one step in the right direction, we're slowly getting there... I’m also looking to find a silver bottle to keep my whisky in, a cat to keep me company and the perfect shades to cover my weary eyes. I’m also looking forward to writing more songs but I need some peace around me. A little writer's pad where I can cook spaghetti, a big wardrobe where I can keep my kimonos and a window to outlook the city. Yes, I’m inspired by Breakfast at Tiffanys (the book!).

Only problem now is to choose city. God, so many problems at the same time not. It's just too many choices, for example do you know how many times I started writing this text before erasing it and starting over? I could not choose subject or direction, I even started it as a poem about a love affair and a 7 Eleven sign, before starting over for the fifth time.

Thats why today I decided I will be who I am today, far from genius but close at heart and god damn glamorous, and as all the great leaders I will finish this off with a quote.

Lykke Li.

Her album is really great, my favourite track is Breaking it up, which recently got the swedish pop workover by the soon to be touring Australia Familjen
Have a listen

Lykke Li - Breaking it up (Familjen remiX)

or as they would say it sweden

Lykke Li - Övergången den upp ( förtrolig påminna )

you can thank me l8er

Mercy Arms On Tour - Thursday 4th September Oxford Tavern Wollongong

Mercy Arms are on tour, and they finally gots demselves a full length album.

Their album has just been released, and from what I have heard from it, it is a cracker. Self funded, and self recorded onto tape, this band has got something that alot of the rest of the Australian industry hasn't, individuality.

When asked about their feelings about the album

"I really believe in this record as someone who is a music-lover, but I think there was a perception out there about us being a bit more of a fashion-band, or whatever, but we wanted to make a record that we would love"

They're on tour now

Thursday 28th August – Lucky Country, Newcastle
Friday 29th August – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
Saturday 30th August – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Thursday 4th September, Oxford Tavern, Wollongong
Friday 5th September – Green Room, Canberra
Thursday 11th September – Eds Castle, Adelaide
Friday 12th September – Bakery Artrage , Perth
Saturday 13th September – Globe Theatre, Brisbane

This track is fuckoff old, but its a perfect example of how now this band is

Mercy Arms - Half Right