Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tradehooks Mix Tape vol. 3 (The Skillz Solo Project)

Skillz has been banging away on the new August Tradehooks mix. Its his first solo project, and just ticks slightly over the half hour mark. Making it a great soundtrack to your early morning run/tug job.

The August mix includes:
The Cheers Theme Song
OH Snap!
Busy P (How could any tradehooks mix tape not include some token ed banger?)
Some old Kelly Rowaland and Spank Rock Acapellas
R.E.M balti reworks
P. DIDDY - Bad Boys for Life
Boys Noize
Spank Rock

Not particularly in that order, but its all in there, with some other artists too.  Download it now motherlickers.


  1. Sounds unreal fellas
    makes me wanna touch myself (love the cheers theme)
    keep it crackin

    p.s. in relation to another post pyramid rock festival looks rad

  2. its all g-skillz this time
    its his first ableton mix, and its fuckin good. shame he never turns up to his brewhouse gigs, he could have been someone

    and if ur reading this warren, no i don't wanna buy any skis, but sign us up to carparklife again

  3. mmmm
    this is maddd
    sorry for late reply
    some dick made me reply...

    but yeah, keep it up
    it 'Sounds unreal fellas'