Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Track Tuesday: Uffie and Regurgitator

Two Track Tuesday this week starts with another Bangin' sensation. Born in America and raised in Paris, Uffie or Anna-Catherine Hartley as she is less referred to as, met DJ Feadz at a party she was having and went on to work together.
Her releases such as 'Pop the Glock', 'Ready to Uff', 'Hot Chick' and 'In Charge' are all fairly solid releases, but it is 'Dismissed' and her feature doing vocals in the Justice track 'Tthhee Ppaarrttyy' that really stand out for us here at TradeHooks.

Uffie has not released her own album, even though announced to be released in 2007 it has now been predicted to be released in Q3 2008.
Amazon - Ed Rec Vol.2

oh and she's fuckin hot
Uffie - Dismissed

Next up is a track which we agree could be released again today and be just as popular as when it was first released. Regurgitators '! (Song Formally Known As)' was an instant hit when it was released on the album 'Unit' in November 1997. The video was taken around Tokyo especially in the famous intersection in Shibuya.
This is the only blog you will find this single on.
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Regurgitator - ! (Song Formally Known As)

Tell us what you reckon, and if you haven't heard any Regurgitator before, its the song to listen to.


  1. uffie in high top nikes...


    i will marry her one day.

  2. You guys are delusional...

    shes hopelessly bad and is not match for MIA, anyone that jumped on the uffie bandwagon should take a long hard look at themselves..

    god sometimes people will like any music as long as its 'in'.

  3. It Bites - Calling all the heroes.

    thats original beats.

    Uffie? mono tone rubbish with crap lyrics similar to eminem

  4. okay i just listened to dismissed...

    that is horrible. he track on the justice album was OKAY only because justice wrote the bloody thing.

    no doubt about it fellas, find some proper french music then post it.


  5. if you dont like the track, i think you should blame oizo of feadz for the beats, coz uffie is by no means a beatwriter. her raps are smooth and her flow is sick.

  6. Her raps? sorry but rap died 15 years ago, anyone trying to rap these days are either 'gangstas' or wannabes.

    Uffie is a waste of time, listen to the words its rubbish!

  7. i probably insulted many people with that last comment so im awaiting a flaming...

    rap died after 2pac, which is sad because the pioneers of rap created something with substance, and about 10 years ago people sold out and shamelessly destroyed the genre, now its 'ganstas' trying to 'pop' someone in thier 'escalade'..

    please, uffie? her lyrics are comparable to 50 cent, and thats a insult in itself...

  8. search wikipedia jurassic 5, kanye, pharrell, beastie boys, lupe, k-os, ozomatli, talib kweli, mos def, common, are all holding it down to real hip hop.

  9. yes, hiphop, not rap, rap is lost among the american dollars and cents, its a crowd full of sellouts now and lyrics about jackshit.

    uffie's song 'pop that glock' just resembles something she has no idea about, so why sing it?

  10. what do you think MCs do if they dont rap hendrik? i havent heard J-5, mos-def or talib kewli doin much singing of late

  11. hendrik, you obviously know shit all about rap and hip hop

    everyone knows that hip hop isn't a style of music, its a culture. Rap is the music of hip hop, breakin is the dance of hip, graff art is the art of hip hop.

  12. wow.... uffie breaks even the toughest of men.

    wednesday april 9. the day trade hooks got nasty.


  13. All im hearing is a couple guys defending a monotonal french chick that sings shit about things she would never actually do...

    and no selecta i dont know much about hiphop and rap but i am entitled to my opinion which is the rap of the 80s and early 90s shits over any crap that is puked up these days....


  14. i only think she is hot. hahaha.

    trade hooks is about love.

    remember that people.

  15. pretty sure im not even defending uffie anymore. more so those rappers holding it down for us since 2pac died, coz apparently that was the end of 'hip hop', the apparent style of music that is different to rap