Monday, April 7, 2008

Ladytron, Lesbian Electro For a New Generation

Ladytron, are they the single worst band I have ever heard? Maybe yes, because every song that I have heard that is half reasonable has had to be remixed, like every one of Dragonette's songs, or maybe even Feist (the original of My Moon My Man sucked, just like R.E.M's new album sucked too, that's what she said).

Anyway, here is a few pics of Ladytron, decide for yourselves

They are kinda hot though, but I am confused with the nationality of the guy with the moustache, kinda like when people are trying to work out where The Rock is from.

Here is song 4 u, the Soulwax remix kicks
Ladytron- Seventeen

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  1. Huge dykes, massively bad at times too like you said giggity.

    that song seventeen is fair old, whats the new shit like?

  2. you have to cheeeck who the blogger is hendo.

    selecta is my mate

    im gig.


    ladytron do suck. i got ya back boy.

  3. their new stuff is shit too, there is a song out called black cat, its like a shit version of surkin, slow chop electro

  4. the guy with the Mo looks like hes trying to be mexican, and anyone who wants to be mexican is retarded, so id say hes from finland

  5. or poland,

    where is bodie from? hahaha