Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ed Rec iii- Busy P Feat. MC Murs- To Protect and Entertain

As expected with every other highly anticipated new release, some c*** has leaked the new Busy P mixed Ed Rec iii. There are a few tracks floating around in particular a Justice remix of Stress, and a newie from Sebastian named Dog.

But this is my favourite, when dance music producers get together with Hip Hop Powers, successful examples include, most recently the Salmon Dance with MC Fatlip and the Chemical Bros, Krafty Kuts and Kurtis Blow, which is all i can think of at this early stage of the morning.

But now we have MC Murs and Busy P with 'to Protect and Entertain'. I like it. Heaps of people hate it coz it is a little cheese. Maybe because i have max respect going back a long way for murs, especially his stuff with Little Brother's 9th Wonder, and Busy P is french and absolutely awesome. How can you go wrong

Busy P feat MC Murs- To Protect and Entertain

Buy it at Amazon.com when it's released

Also pay attention to his sweet Air Max 87s in the top pic

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