Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Ting Tings

These guys turned up in my inbox the other day (DJ jH), and what an aural relief!!!!
The Ting Tings are a UK duo from Salford, Greater Manchester City, BO Selecta! and consist of Jules De Martino (drums, vocals) and Katie White (vocals, guitar, bass drum) who is not only talented but smoking hot.

Katie used to be in a group called TKO in her teens who supported global SUPERSTARS Steps and my favourites 5ive. They got together in 2006 and released their first single "That's Not My Name/Great DJ" in 2007, which did not chart. But Rick Rubin, famed music producer (ie Beastie Boys early stuff) has been rumoured to be turning up for their shows. They have re-released that single early this year and 'Great DJ' has gotten picked up for remixing by Calvin Harris. It's a sick track and well worth your time. Man I love Calvin, in the way a man loves a Ute.

Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)- The Ting Tings

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  1. that is some good shit right there

  2. shaun u are a dj Godess