Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This boy is in Love with the presets.

It may seem like we have had a bit of a Presets love fest going on at the moment, but to be truthful they just keep coming out with amazing work, they are definately two very talented lads, who have come along way since i first saw them at falls festival in '05. 

Their new single This boy's in love, is more melodic than some of their earlier stuff, reminiscent of the girl and the sea. Kim (the synth/vocals guy) has a very talented brother. Kris. Kris likes to make videos, of music. He has unconventional views and makes amazing stuff. Such as the defaced wolfmother clip. Kris made this clip below. Its good. Watch it. Funnily enough one of the two milk fighting toned lads in the clip is a wollongong guy. 

todays assignment is to search "Kris Moyes" on youtube 


peace love ecstasy.

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