Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Track Tuesday: The Presets and LCD Soundsystem

Apocalypso, i said in a an earlier post that i hoped it wasn't going to be a let down, now whether it has been or not, I'm undecided. Sure there are some cool tracks, some new sounds, nothing unoriginal or anything, but i just don't like it at the moment. I loved Beams, songs like Girl and the Sea, and Down Down Down i can listen to over and over, but yeh. So the song I'm bringing to you this week is the song from Apocalypso where i think they got it spot on.

mp3: The Presets - Yippiyo-ay

LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk is Playing is My House" is an awesome track, but what's even better is the Soulwax Shibuya Remix of the track sampling all different daft tracks right through it. It's not new or anything, just another must have song.

RECOMMENDED mp3: LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Remix)

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