Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Atrak. DJ. Producer. All Round Fresh Dude.

A-trak is a rising star in the dj-ing world, he does electro, dance, fidget and hip-hop too name a few. Take note of his name because he will be mentioned many-a time on this blog, as he has already. 

A-trak is the tour dj of the Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West. He also runs his own label fools gold, which drops some really dope stuff. If this isn't enough he has won the DMC world champion ships three times, the youngest ever recipient at 15 years old. 

His brother is David Macklovitch from Chromeo, and his sister is Kid Sister, whom he produces. This dude also writes a really good blog on his myspace.

A-trak is also incredibly fresh, he loves New Era hats, Jordans and awesome tees.
That is why A-TRAK is our dude of the week. 

this is his remix of the count and sinden's - beeper (feat his sister, kid sister)

get it here.


also pnau is on tommorrow night. YAY. Trade hooks will be reporting live.

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