Friday, April 4, 2008

Is Billy Corgans this weeks Friday Fuckwit?

The presets news just keeps flooding in this week.

Reports have filtered into trade hooks. central, that during the gold coast v fest, billy corgan was not too happy that he had to share his headline slot time with the Presets. Billy Corgan is a renown douche bag, who had some amazing songs in the 90's, but hasn't really pulled too much shit together this century.

Apparently he was pissed that in between gaps in his songs, the sound of thousands of muddy kids raving to a throbbing four four kick was audible from the other side of the field. According to the Presets' Kim Moyes, "Billy Corgan slagged us off on sunday", "Everytime he stopped a song he's look over and see our crowd having the best time of their lives. You Know, he's pretty miserable. I guess he was just jealous."

Kim continued, "He was complaining about how all he could hear was the kick drum, and his band started to play along to what they could hear. Of course, none of them have any groove, so apparently it sounded terrible. Apparently he told the crowd to go and bash up our crowd."
He also requested one of those machines that restart your heart if you have a heart attack, at a recent mtv live gig.

Billy Corgan (below) = Fuckwit

He is testament to the idea of quitting whilst you are ahead, rather than reforming and everyone hating you.



  1. I don't think he was slagging them off. Footage shows that he was just fooling around:

  2. the drummer, jimmy chamberlin, was actually hospitalised last year for heart it makes sense that he asked for an ambulance and defibrillator...good on him for actually giving a crap about his friend!

  3. take that gigz, stop talking shit

  4. at the mtv lair gig, billy also wouldn't let crew work in his line of sight is that a joke too?

  5. i think gigz is this weeks friday fuckwit for being inconsiderate to people with heart problems

  6. why is it a big deal if billy corgan asked no one to be in his line of sight?? he was filming for a tv show after all, i guess he didn't want to be distracted...people have asked for worse things...anyway, we all know he can be a diva...but that's why we love him...if you watch him in interviews, he often takes the piss out of himself...

  7. I have to agree with Geoff G fresh should be this week'f Friday fuckwit for having so much anger. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Billy's book and give a shit about your friend. Also remember heart attacks can happy at any time to anyone its not a laughing matter.