Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lupe- Paris, tokyo

Young lupe has grown considerably over the last few years. It seems like only yesterday he was "that kid who was in Kanye's film clip." He has both matured physically and in the content of his albums, The Cool has been in high rotation on my itunes, tackling deeper issues than skatebboarding.

One of the stand out tracks on The Cool, in my opion is "Paris, Tokyo". Lupe has just finished the clip (it appeared on youtube on the 13th of april). It appears he has ditched his dunks, hoodies and japanese pop culture shirts, for Silk scarves (read: gay), italian designer suits and shirts; and fresh watches.

He also seems to be channelling the 1950's, producing a bangin' film clip. That differs greatly from your average fiddy cent, roll in the bently, get out the bitches and flash some jacobs jewellery. The end result does justice to this awesome track.

In other news Vanilla Ice is in jail.


1 comment:

  1. Slick track has a nice late 90s beat to it.

    hes still saying lines like hes in a rap-off in some parts, apart from that i like!