Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Veronicas get nude for tradehooks?

Usually im a hater of the veronicas... but i can appreciate these alleged pieces of art.... Particularly the very "talented" Jess. The photo above has been confirmed as real. There is still some ambiguity concerning the below alt tits. At what point does it seem like a good idea to allow your boyfriend/girlfriend/mailman, to take photos of you nude, if you have any sort of fame.

Here are the alleged photos of Jess from the veronicas nips. Perfect Alt Tits?

· Photo Source: BIG Australia/


  1. I'm sure you're fully aware of hipster runoff's near obsessive search for the 'perfect alt breasts'. This is sort of right of that alley.

  2. she has a nice set of tits =P