Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Escape... not so great.

We were just sitting at tradehooks HQ, absentees and i having a quiet friday afternoon gin, whilst S is down at the snow trying to find some skinny boarding pants.. "Do these come fitted"... If your on the slopes this weekend and reading our RSS feed on your Iphone, say hi to the tall kid who can't really board, but is looking hell fressssh.

When up on the screen jumps someone claiming that Great Escape is finito. We didn't really believe it or care. But some of you might. My guess is that most readers would be going to parklife or carpark life. We plan to attend both. 

"It is with considerable regret that we are announcing the cancellation of this year’s Great Escape Festival.

Unexpectedly low ticket sales have left festival organisers with no option but to cancel the event. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those people that have made the festival such a success in previous years. We’d also like to whole heartedly apologies to the bands, artists, agents, managers, suppliers, sponsors, media supporters and festival goers that have been let down by our decision. We thank you in advance for your understanding."

How could it be UNEXPECTED?? They were competing against 2many Dj's, Diplo, Dizzee and.... Miami Horror. Two festivals in Sydney in one weekend does not work. 

Parklife 1

Great Escape 0 

If you swap sex, for Great Escape and ben for anyone's name who was attending Great  Escape, it makes a funny song.

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