Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Streets Track- The Escapist - New Album Due Mid September 2008

Ever since i saw the Streets play at BDO Sydney a couple of years back, Mike Skinner has been my favourite Birmingham geezer. In fact in my top 5 musical minds.
His own brand of rap, telling stories with perfectly simple rhymes, but ingenious phrasings and metaphors. His albums are truly story books, each ones elaborating his life. No bling, no glocks, no grills, just 'a few herbs and a bit of Benson'

This new track Im guessing is from the forthcoming album, due to be released sometime in September this year. All recorded with a love band, practically in his or one of his mates houses.

Checkout their Myspace, and especially read his blog, its not as good as A-traks but bloody close. He also has a TV show called Beat Stevie. Its awesome

The Streets - Escapist

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