Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Isaac Hayes RIP (August 20, 1942 -- August 10, 2008)

As u all may or may not be aware one of the worlds funk/soul greats Mr Isaac Hayes passed away on the weekend. Best known for his work on the all time movie hit 'Shaft', his sweet lovemaking voice was utilized in south park as the voice of chef.

One of my first five 45rpm vinyls was the theme song to shaft and I have had a special connection (in my pants) to Dr Hayes ever since, even though the 45 is scratched to the shithouse.

My 3 favourite tracks from the soundtrack were Shafts Cab Ride, Cafe Regios and Bumpys Lament,so here they are for your listening pleasure

Shafts Cab Ride - Shaft OST 1971
Bumpys Lament - Shaft OST 1971
Cafe Regios - Shaft OST 1971

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