Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Liberteen Ranch

Another month another ranch. Those crazy boys from the Ranch House are at it again, with another cracker of a lineup this month. Once again its at Castros, but its on a Saturday night, primetime. So get down there, its the best night in Wollongong if you like music, and I mean good real music. They got bands, DJs, duos, a guy with a computer and too much energy, and the promise of plenty of self inflicted in and around the mouth. Read on, you will soon find out what I mean...

The Jezabels

The Jezabels sound cool. They all go to Sydney Uni. Study Politics and Russian literature apparently, and play at folk festivals. They have a keyboard player, dunno if it is a MoOg or not, but they can call their style indie (coz apparently to be in an indie band you need a synth/keyboard). No but seriously, they sound cool, their sound is indie/rock/pop/folk, and will go down a treat with Ranch dressing on Saturday night.

Sounds like (my opinion only, and I don't usually listen to this style of music):
  • George
  • Kate Bush
  • Lykke Li (but less tech)
  • Goldfrapp if she was in a folk band?
  • Dizzee Rascal if he was white, a chick and in a folk/rock band
  • Indie Cranberries (Mr Thom)
  • Youth Group (jff)
  • Almost Cold War Kids, but with a chick singer (jff)
  • Like if George were Cut Copy, Jezabels would be Van She. Or if George were Van She, Jezabels would be Van She Tech
  • My friend jff also suggests if "someone" and "another person" had a baby the jezabels would've killed that baby and stolen it's sound.
  • He also suggested that if George and cold war kids had a baby then the Jezabels probably killed that baby and drank its soul and then found some songs the baby wrote.
Check out their Jezabels Myspace coz they don't got themselves a website, thats how indie they are.

They are on triplej unearthed as well at the moment, these are mp3 links to the page

Be a Star
Noah's Ark

Calling In Sick

I dont know what they sound like coz they are too indie to have a website, and they are too indie too have their myspace music, and they didn't send it to us
Calling in Sick Myspace


I don't think he likes us, I'm pretty sure he is a blog h8er. He never sends us trax so we can promote him, coz we are massive fans, but each artist to their own. But he put on quite the show last time, and he remixes really well. He will be in the same mode as last time, but with ladies on the poles and go go dancers. wey kule!

ToeCutter Myspace

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation

Is one crazy mofo. Strong acquaintance of toecutter, they toured Japan years ago, and I have seen video footage. They were nuts, I juts don't get it.

Anyway this is his Website, if you are affected by images of penises and or strong flashing lights do not visit this site. Checkout the videos on the bottom of this page, well worth it

Justice Yeldham

This guy must be seen to be believed. His description line on his myspace says "crossing the line between music and bloodsport!" so yeh, um.

This is what his mySpace says

What’s been described as "a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe" is in fact the unique audio work of Justice Yeldham, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. By pressing his face and lips against the glass whist employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, he turns disguarded household windows into crude musical instruments. Resulting in a wide variety of cacophonous noises that are strangely controlled and oddly musical.

A video of one of Justice's Performances

Get down to the Ranch on Saturday night, at Castros. It's the best night in Wollongong music, fuck everywhere else. I'm DJing at the Brewhouse, don't come down. Go to the ranch, its too much fun. onefiveone have got the usual pigeons on, so go to the Ranch. maybe one day when I grow I'll get a set at the Ranch, and we can all have fun. Entry is $15 and if ur on the doorlist its $10


xxxBonUs bluddy crimescene picsxxxzxx

spook, one of our biggest fans, is playing too. After being asked what his set would be, spook informed tradehooks that "you are douche bag you do realise that". I'm not sure how to take that, but I'm guessing that means he has a highly original set with plenty of pre-releases that he can't tell us about, and that calling us a "douche-bag" is refering to that he was appalled that we even asked us to expose anything about his set. MAJOR HYPE



  1. lol.

    That entire post didnt seem worth my 3 minutes and 25 seconds until i read the line about Spook.

    Tradehooks and Spook provide more entertainment value than a Alba/Mendes lesbian scene.

    P.s the post was actually quite informative especially the part about the sax player that got sucked into an alternate dimension because he doped up on acid back in '93.


  2. I might actually be in love with Toecutter.

  3. the guy is an evil genius who rapes all of your senses

  4. One of the toecutter crew looked like kip from napolean dynamite