Friday, August 8, 2008

tradehooks attending:

Last time Van She played at the uni bar i could count the people on the dance floor with my fingers and toes. I thought to myself, these guys aren't getting the crowds they deserved and i couldn't figure out why. Then today it hit me, it was because their new album 'V' had not been released. derrr.

So i would encourage Wollongong to head out to Warrawong for the only reason anyone goes there, to go to JB Hifi and pickup Van She's album. You might even get a Tshirt.
Maybe while you're in Warrawong you could also do me a favor and stop by Westfield's and burn it down. thanks.

Here's is the first track off the album, also a recommended listening of mine is an unusual track called "Temps Mort".

mp3: Van She - Memory Man

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