Saturday, May 24, 2008

"The Twelve Most Powerful Musicians of Today"....Apparently

Just on Thursday released a list of the "Twelve Most Powerful Musicians of Today". They say when compiling a list like this they take into account not only the album sales, but the whole 'franchise' that comes with them.
It's a pretty ok list, except I'm not sure about Hilary Duff sitting at No.5 most powerful musician of today. Amirite?

Here's a little summary of the artists on the list, head to to see the full list plus some little descriptions.

12. 50 Cent The King of Drama

11. Christina Aguilera The Chameleon

10. Miley Cyrus The Teen Queen

9. Bono The Global Ambassador

8. Kanye West The Loudmouth

7. Beyonce The Bootylicious Businesswoman

6. Timbaland The Music Maestro

5. Hilary Duff The Mini Mogul

4. Diddy The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

3. Madonna The Living Legend

2. Jay-Z The Franchise

1. Justin Timberlake The New King of Pop

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