Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This video shows the partying "mayhem" of an institube tour.

Hooligan Disco (w/ French subtitles) from Institubes on Vimeo.

Boasting artists on their roster like Para One. 

Surkin (Read 40yo man trapped in 15yo body, thanks hipsterrunoff.com)



They (well some of them) are coming to sydney for a rad party, Institubes are bringing out their Paris Terror Club party in june. Friday June 27 to be exact. At the oxford art factory (read: awesome venue for a party)

It’s said that each artist on the roster presents their own unique spin on the Institubes sound, with influences ranging from acid techno and rap through to Baltimore, tech-house, maximal, and whatever other flash-in-the-pan ‘buzz-genre’ you care to list.

It should be BANGing. 

I like this track. Its for the tech heads out there.

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