Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ed Banger Rec.s Vol 3 Merchandise.

By now you all have most probably scoured the blog-a-sphere, downloaded this beautiful album and dropped all the dope tracks at fabric (or the brewery), or something like that. Now it is your chance to represent this label and its newest compilation album. 
What is that you say? These t-shirts always sell out on release, we would never have a chance of getting them! WRONG.

The online store Arcade Mode  has a range of t-shirts (Ed Banger, Fools Gold and others), rare vinyls and assorted cd's for sale. 

Until next type stay messy.


On the topic of Ed Banger Records. Sebastian Tellier, Mr Oizo and Sebastian wrote the soundtrack to a weird french movie "Steak". I like this track. Its not their usual sort of stuff... kind of weird. give it a whirl. if you like it go and see steak, or download the album at amazon

Also if anyone has a car for sale, comment me. gigz

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