Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old News - Kanye West - Good Morning Video Clips Plus Common and Skatey P and CSS

So a few weeks ago this video got leaked
the film clip for Kanye West's 'Good Morning', a song released nearly a year ago now
ye has released i believe 6 videos from Graduation, and i think its about time for some new shit

the reason that we are posting this now is that this full video has been deleted everywhere, and we spent a fair while looking everywhere and found three, that at this moment still work

They are in order of quality

Kanye West - GoodMorning (Official Video) from Mylo on Vimeo.

or go here
Other Vids we dig at the moment

CSS - Move

and Common feat Pharrell - Announcement, this was harder to find than the Yeezy ones

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