Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kraftwerk Remixed By Busy P - Plus Big Day Out Headliner Announced

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Finally another Ed Banger post on tradehooks.
it's been too long my friend

I came across this bomb track whilst browsing the internet this evening.

Kraftwerk - It's More Fun to Compute (Busy P Remix)

I like it

great success

oh and on a side note WESC headphones from sweden are by far the most superior DJ headphones in the world. their sound is head and shoulders over those shitty Sennheiser HD25s or whatever the fuck they are
Check out WESC

Plus they have the coolest ads

In other news Neil Young will headline 2009 (2k9) Big Day Out Festivals


  1. you have to be kidding, right? the hd25s have way superior depth and response to the shithouse fucking WESC jobs. not to mention they cope better with external noise.

  2. which wescs are you talking about?
    the top end models fucking cut sick

  3. cope better with external noise? sorry but i don't have people yelling at me to shutup.