Monday, September 1, 2008

Lykke Li, gets Blogging and a sweet Familjen Remix

Lykke Li is on tour somewhere, and for some reason I am writing in italics. It seems fitting for her perfectly formed poetic words, which is really the main reason for posting this blog actually. i wish she would write for tradehooks, rather than the racist drawl we usually post. Read on blipstaz

Trippiditrapp. In between places, in between spaces right now and I’m still nowhere to be found. Something I've learned from all this insane travelling, hotel skipping, late nights and God knows what, is the importance of looking glamorous while loosing your mind. (As well as beeing well educated off course, KIDS READ MORE BOOKS! ) Not that it matters that much beeing glam but one should always have a mission in life, at least for the day. I’m actually not really losing my mind, in fact life could not be better, it's just a lot of this and that, and you who know me all know I’m a bit confused and need some structure in my life to not get lost in the daydreaming. That's why I’m laying here in my hotel room in Oslo in a silk Kimono I bought at the Re (???) in Hamburg. Don't know if you know that place but it's really crazy, it's the ultimate place to hang if you're a stripper or looking to buy a ladyfriend for the night (rather cheap actually). Unfortunately I did not buy any love but I bought a silk kimono, it was at this really shady vintage place and it costed 15 Euro but I twinkled my eye and spoke the only German I knew and got it down to 10 Euro.

Fantastic, finally one step in the right direction, we're slowly getting there... I’m also looking to find a silver bottle to keep my whisky in, a cat to keep me company and the perfect shades to cover my weary eyes. I’m also looking forward to writing more songs but I need some peace around me. A little writer's pad where I can cook spaghetti, a big wardrobe where I can keep my kimonos and a window to outlook the city. Yes, I’m inspired by Breakfast at Tiffanys (the book!).

Only problem now is to choose city. God, so many problems at the same time not. It's just too many choices, for example do you know how many times I started writing this text before erasing it and starting over? I could not choose subject or direction, I even started it as a poem about a love affair and a 7 Eleven sign, before starting over for the fifth time.

Thats why today I decided I will be who I am today, far from genius but close at heart and god damn glamorous, and as all the great leaders I will finish this off with a quote.

Lykke Li.

Her album is really great, my favourite track is Breaking it up, which recently got the swedish pop workover by the soon to be touring Australia Familjen
Have a listen

Lykke Li - Breaking it up (Familjen remiX)

or as they would say it sweden

Lykke Li - Övergången den upp ( förtrolig påminna )

you can thank me l8er

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