Friday, September 12, 2008

Day in Fields 09

Wow. Is it that time of year already. This morning the lineup for Field Day 09 dropped, and it is sexual. The ones in bold are the ones that i would pay to see. And as im sure you realise, it is most of them. Tradehooks favourite son Busy P is coming out again, with mehdi, who apparently dropped a sick set at ARQ last year, with the Bang Gang boys. Trizzy (A-Trak) is a turntable dominator and not to be missed. Digitalism played a sweet live set at the Oxford Art Factory last year, and im not going to lie, the awesome house sounds of Roger Sanchez would hit the spot on a warm sydney night.

Roger Sanchez
Santogold (Live)
Digitalism (Live)

Jamie Lidell (Live)
Boys Noize

Late Of The Pier (Live)
Yo Majesty (Live)
Busy P
DJ Mehdi

Adam Freeland
Fort Knox 5
Cicada (Live)
& many more

Its on new years day 09, tickets are 120+BF, General public tickets will then be available through Fuzzy and Ticketek at midday Tuesday September 23rd.

These MNSTRM bro's on the biscuits want you there! 


  1. hmmm
    thats a fair solid lineup
    busy p, mehdi sold me
    late of the pier
    and digits

    its like a news years day music festival

  2. busy p and mehdi? honestly what the fuck? im pretty sure i could send a skinny 40 year old bloke up on stage at cooneys with an ed banger shirt on and you cunts would eat that shit up.

  3. If the skinny 40 year old played an awesome set, then i would eat that shit up. CHances are though, that if he is playing at cooneys, he just has Show Me Love and ministry of sound clubbers guide to 2004.

    As hard as this may be for you to understand, we don't like the Ed Banger crew because of who they are. Suprisingly they are one of the most popular blog house labels in the world, because they make great music, in my opinion. And if you have the ability to be sending someone up on stage at cooneys, you shouldn't be paying out our tastes.

  4. where did he get the ed banger shirt? i want one.

  5. pretty sure any 40yo guy with a half decent record collection could do twice the job the cooneys djs do

    plus in other industry news:

    i heard that the music management/DJs at cooneys got fired, coz they were losing business coz of the music. now its just that AZN guy that hit on me once

  6. you guys are the biggest keyboard warriors... hahah it cracks me up.