Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tradehooks Mixtape Selecta Edition Vol 1 Tracklist

I am really not a fan of posting tracklistings of mixtapes I make
But the readers of tradehooks have been asking, and I do what I'm told

Stress (Auto Remix)- Justice
Next of Kin- Surkin
Hey Mr DJ (CSS Remix)- Tiny Masters of Today
Sexual Sportswear (SebastiAn Remix)- Sebastien Tellier
Patrick 122- Mr Oizo
Minuit Jacuzzi (dAta Remix)- Tepr
Embrace- PNAU
The Youth (MMMathias Remix)- MGMT
Summer Party- Breakbot
Trina700 (Trina Kills Xtended Edit)- Mr Oizo
I am Somebody (Paris Edit)- DJ Mehdi
I Want Nothing (Jack Beats Miami Vice Remix
Phantom II (Boyz Noize Unreleased Turbine Remix)- Justice
Don't Let The Man (Justice Remix)- Fatboy Slim
Huvudet I Sanden- Familjen
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your BF How To Dance (Twelves Remix)- Black Kids
Electric Feel (Justice Remix)- MGMT
Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)- Ladyhawke
NightDrive With You (GRUM's New Wave Remix)

tradehooks Djs Selecta Mixtape Vol 1


  1. hollllllllllllly shit.
    could u have made a more cliche mix?

  2. yes, do you want me to post it?

    better yet, send me your mix and ill post it up.

    thanks for reading :)

  3. suck my balls,
    the kids enjoy it
    id rather listen to that rather than shit songs that people think are cool just coz it sounds like fedde le grand, but is by some 12 yo russian remixer trying to bring disco back

  4. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  5. yeh?
    and who r u to tell us wat the kids like?
    Anonymous that's who

  6. there are some haters on here..

    constructive critisism: try to beat match the tracks a little better and normalise the bass/treble too

  7. sorry this is wicked late
    but i think everyone is forgetting the main point of this post
    and that is the picture of brown sugar...alaska's favourite petofile