Tuesday, July 22, 2008

party pics

Another day, another party at Diddys, seriously

how much do you think Aoki pays the Cobra Snake to take pix at his parties? if you aren't getting paid to take party pics are you just a prvrt/ghey?
should haters be party pix photographers?
i read somewhere once that the evolution of the party pix photographer comes from taking pictures of cool people at partys, and posting them, so that other cool people would follow them to the next party. is there party pic photographers who take pics of the uncool people? or at least of the people who look uncool but actually are?
if there is a shit club who get 3-5 alt-looking-mainstream-bros/hos a nite and the party photographer only takes pics of only them is that cool? or are they trying too hard, and are we the clubbers getting the raw end of the deal?
if there are not enough good looking people in a club to take photos of, is it ok to take no-flash/slow shutter pics of a CDJ-1000s or is that lame?


  1. One too many questions for me to answer in 1 day so ill just sum it up by saying i cant believe its not butter.

    I swear, i cant.

    (oh and sometimes there really arent any attractive faces in a club)

  2. This post may have been funny if hipster run off did not exist.

  3. why mess with the perfect blog format?

  4. We openly admit we are massive fans of HRO, its no secret, we list it in our blog roll, mention it many times in comments. Its a good blog, i personally read it daily, as i know S and Absentees do also.

    If you have something to say, we welcome discussion, but maybe you could expand next time lol. And post under a name. Or continue to hide. Actually i couldn't give two shits. Join the queue of FGGTS (HRO, 24/7/08) who think we are like Hro.

  5. Haha skillz with the lowblow!