Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crookers- Winners of tradehooks 2008 Best Remixer Poll

Crookers have won tradehooks 2008 so far best remixer with 13% of the vote.

Other notable achievers were
Justice and Spook with 9% of the vote respectively
SebastiAn, The Twelves and Boys Noize with 6% each
And Breakbot with 2%

I've never played a Crookers Remix live before, though I do have their Remix of Protect and Entertain by Busy P and Murs on my playlist, but thats it. I thought their remix of Salmon Dance absolutely destroyed an almost perfect Hip Hop/Dance Collab.

Here is a small bunch of Crookers Remixes and Originals

Mad Kids- Crookers
To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)- Busy P Feat MC Murs
Salmon Dance (Crookers remix)- Chemical Brothers

The Crow- Crookers Feat Boy 8-Bit
Voglio Solo Action Figures (Young Live Edit)- Cool Kids X Crookers

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