Sunday, July 27, 2008

Foreshore 2008, Time to Compare

Foreshore is practically the Capital's biggest music festival, the others are Stonefest and that one at the racecourse. Both which are normally headlined by Canberra favourite sons Koolism.

Anywho, Foreshore is held on Canberra’s Commonwealth Place one of the best situated dance festival venues in Australia if not the world.

2007s lineup was

Sneaky Sound System (DJ/Live)
Fedde Le Grand
Muscles (Live)
Switch (UK)
Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock
Jeff Drake
The Midnight Juggernauts
(The 3 in bold being great acts, worth paying for)


Here is 2008s lineup

The Presets (Live)
The Galvatrons (Live)
Nick Warren (‘Way Out West, UK)
16 Bit Lolitas (Holland)
Skool Of Thought (UK)
Kazu Kimura (Japan)
Mission Control (Live)
Doom & Hoodrat (Bang Gang)
The Stafford Brothers

Bass Kleph (Helium, Vacation Records)
Axe Aklins (Live)

(The ones in bold are the ones I would pay to see, I'm extremely keen to see the Stafford Bros, my favourite Australian DJ duo, and Axe Aklins ('Belconnens favourite son',(I lived there for a month, not something I would be claiming)), that big guy who tries to rap with MC Hau in Koolism). All my memories of Axe are of him in this crouch stance, but normally pointing at Hau.
I hope this lineup gets better. And as we all know, tradehooks believes that a festival lineup must have French artists, and the more there are, the better the rating

Current tradehooks rating - 0/11 French Baguettes


  1. In other news will Koolism be in the VIP room, doing hell ghetto canberra shit? Like sneaker jacking sneaky sound system?


  2. Bang Gang What?

    Nick Warren! hello?

    cmon sexyhooks, seriously.

  3. Bass Kleph isnt in bold either..

    man we must like some different shit Skillz

  4. Skillz didn't post it. S did.

  5. Ah sorry skillz, you guys should check out Bass Kleph. Big room big thumpers really good tunes

    whats the cost of foreshore?

  6. umm... i think it costs your dignity + $69

    haha. seriously i think first round is 69 bucks,

    and there are a quite a few more artists to be announced.

  7. bass kleph?!?!
    didnt he make that max bass mix for MoS a few years back, lol Hendrik

    I should have put mission control in bold those guys are guns

    as for the bang gang, Gus is a legend, but his set at UOW was EPIC, EPICALLY SHIT that is. spook and maybe kinda jem quinn played a better set, except the 96kbps radio rip of the justice remix of electric feel lol. ur a gun spook

  8. "it was worth it"
    - Spook, 2008

    hahaha i could have upload the 320 version for you to d/l..

    anyway back on topic: bass kleph plays some dope big room stuff, all gronks have done MOS shit if they are good enough, its part of being good right?

    check out his myspace if you have time

  9. ummm no you couldnt have hendo, the there was only the shitty radio rip around at the time i played it, the track didnt get realesed until a few weeks later (and it hadn't been leaked except for the radio rip), and i got it the day it was released.

  10. Did justice send it to you personally, or was it emailed via Busy's offices?

    Dear spook,

    here is our track.

    Hope you like it.

    P.S. we like miami horror too

    love Justice

    p.s. we have justice branded leather jackets for sale soon.. please buy one.

  11. Hahaha skillz...

    james cmon mate, lets not talk about whos wrong or right, but i had that track a while back..

    but hey.. were all friends here right?

    back on topic: bass kleph @ 151 16th aug.

  12. still?

    when is the next announcement?

    BH, i know you read this

    give us some more!!!!!