Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sneakerology 101.

Thats right kids Pennsylvania's Carnegie University is the first campus ever to introduce a course entirely based upon sneakers, their history and design.

This is a university level course dealing with sneaker culture on the whole. Ranging from its roots in the 70s basketball to its shaping by hip-hop and the internet among other factors, the course covers the overall impact of sneakers on a worldwide level. The class utilizes Bobbito Garcia's Where'd You Get Those? for reference as well as various sneaker-based websites. Evaluations include a mid-term project pertaining to the design of a sneaker, incorporating elements acquired along the way. Interested parties can sign up for the class' next session set for Spring of 2009.

Wollongong Uni 2009? come on... we need it hahaha.

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