Monday, March 17, 2008


Bananaz is film created by Ceri Levy and is the first behind-the-scenes look into the creators behind the virtual band.

Bananaz is the take-no-prisoners tale of the Gorillaz project, from the magic of the first drawings to the mystery of the last video; taking in every live performance, studio situation and awards show in the process. Russel, Noodle, Murdoc and 2D finally step aside to give De La Soul, Dennis Hopper, Ibrahim Ferrer, Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn and friends their moment in the sun. Filmed on hand-held camera by Gorillaz’ associate Ceri Levy, it’s the ultimate reality show and a must-see for Gorillaz fans the world over." (

It showed on the 12th and 15th of this month in Texas at the SXSW Film Festival, and hopefully is making its way around the world.
It's not yet available on dvd or anything like that, so i guess we will just have to be patient.

For a song for this post, a favourite El MaƱana - Gorillaz

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