Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Save the World By Knowing a Word

So check this, we at hooks for grammys are usually here to save your souls, not ultimately to save the world. but i came across this site today that has been making waves all over the world with an amazing idea.

so what happens is you go to and you are given a word, and then a list of four other words, the you gotta click on the word that best defines the word at the top. eg:

Haze means:
# fog
# rowdiness
# supplement
# impostor

The answer being fog, so you click on it and it donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program, and you can keep playing forever if you wish till you save the entire world from starvation.

So how do they do it? FreeRice is not sitting on a pile of rice and you are earning it 20 grains at a time. When you play the game, advertisements appear on the bottom of your screen. The money generated by these advertisements is then used to buy the rice. So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice donated to hungry people.

Total Donations by Date
Date Grains of Rice

OCTOBER 2007 537,163,380
NOVEMBER 2007 4,768,969,790
DECEMBER 2007 6,948,988,060
JANUARY 2008 4,551,581,980
FEBRUARY 2008 3,893,361,180

March 1, 2008 81,426,180
March 2, 2008 81,305,920
March 3, 2008 132,758,120
Total All Dates 20,995,554,610

Do the World a favour, checkout FreeRice and make this world a better place

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