Saturday, March 8, 2008

Muscles a.k.a that dude who "od'ed before daft punk"

Muscles is that guy who made that ice cream song.. but im sure all of you know that by this point. Love him or hate him, he puts on a bangin show.. he is touring with E.L.F... which is the new project by the singer from Gerling.

Muscles is playing at wollongong unibar friday april 4. Last time he played it was pretty darn crazy. We got really sweaty. Danced alot. heaps of dudes had their shirts of. GAY.

So come. Keep your shirt on. And Party.

In the mean time head to Muscles Myspace.

His new single The Lake is quite fresh.

Maybe not fresh to def... but fresh all the same

a little bit of something courtesy of MR OD himself

One Inch Badge Pin (vanshe tech city gym remix)- Muscles

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1 comment:

  1. That gig would have to be the funnest gig i have played to date.

    sold out mother lickers.