Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Kooks New Album "Konk" - 14th April

The Kooks, one of my favourite English Indie bands, are releasing their new album shortly named after the studio in which it was recorded "Konk". Here's me thinking Konk was the sound made when you reverse into a rubbish bin, its also an album now.

The tracklist goes as below with them releasing the single "Always Where I Need to Be" on the 31st March.
  1. "See the Sun"
  2. "Always Where I Need to Be"
  3. "Mr. Maker"
  4. "Do You Wanna"
  5. "Gap"
  6. "Love It All"
  7. "Stormy Weather"
  8. "Sway"
  9. "Shine On"
  10. "Down to the Market"
  11. "One Last Night"
  12. "Tick of Time"
  13. "Oil"
Well i looked around for the single, and couldn't find one link that hadn't been blocked or whatever. Soooo here's The Kooks - Naive

Pre-order the album now from Amazon

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  1. i got this by other than legal terms and its a pretty boss record