Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Liberteen Ranch 31 October 2k8 Helloween Party

This is gonna be big

Miami Horror
Fait Accompli
Teen Heat
Jesse and Burns
Blake and Pete
and tsk tsk

A cracker lineup for this ranch

Gameboy/gamegirl will be an almost religious experience. their mind boggling electro/punk/street/club/ghetto/hip hop beats cant get old, and these guys know how to party. tranterco is a mental and is the world's most electric and handsome frontman

I never really liked miami horror, mainly coz every time i saw spook play live he would play everyone of their remixes and i just got over them. i never thought producers could remix so many tracks. then i listened to the the sweat it out mixtape, in which ajax mixed disc 1 and miami horror the second. opening with a breakbot original i was instantly won over, chuck in a oizo remix and i was ready to propose. this dj set should not be missed

Fait Accompli i have never heard of before. this is off their myspace

"Established underground band Fait Accompli, a hard working three piece from Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia was born from a love of the night life and music between friends. Fait Accompli emerged as one of the new bands to watch from within the new band scene which was about to erupt in Sydney in late 2006/2007.

Creating their own original style of Progressive Rock n' Roll Fait Accompli craft songs hard enough to upset the weak and gentle enough to bring an angry man to tears, but all round their music is full of colourful ideas which combine different styles with ease making their music not only accessible but stylistically difficult to pin down. With the drummer on main vocal duties makes them a rare breed. Fait Accompli have enjoyed their short time together, self releasing their debut EP which received healthy airplay on Sydney’s FBI Radio and playing shows up and down the East Coast to rave reviews."

i just listened to a few of their tracks on myspace, they fuckin rock, really awesome shit
anklepants is friends with toecutter and rainbow ejaculation, so you don't ever know what to expect from this crazy kid

teen heat, also new to me, are taking the stage. they seem to mix with the calling in sick and trashbags crew. so i guess you can make your own mind up about the sound. they got some pretty sick remixes on their myspace

Jesse and Burns, and Blake and Pete - not exactly sure who they all is, but jesse and burns but on tight dj sets, and burns did a set a couple of ranches ago that was fuckin sick. worth seeing.

i leave the best till last tsk tsk, soon to be somehow supporting the alan braxe of stardust (music sounds better with you) tsk tsk, do what they do week to week at ofo. i have never seen them both together live, but spook mixes tight commercial house week in week out, making the girls cream and boys bounce (or is it the other way around). spook has blocked me from accessing his pics on facebook (lol, i have no idea why?), and ben has deleted his myspace account from his emo/hardcore/punk past so i will leave you with this

ps, as u may notice there are no tracks in this post, the dmca are breaking our balls. but there will be more tracks on tradehooks. just remixes. ghey


  1. Fait Accompli are one of the coolest bands doing the sydney rounds atm... and by cool i don't mean wave your leather jackets in the air wear your white leggings and stare off into space cool.

    And i have have straight edges pics of a certain cat you mentioned. Will release for beer, wine, or two softdrinks

  2. sounds like a deal nate, i should have saved those pics while i had the chance.

  3. haha... "wave your leather jackets in the air, wear ur white leggings and stare off into space cool"

    couldnt have said it any better!

  4. as much as i fucking despise the dudes who run this blog, ripping on benjamin about his fauxcore past never gets old. i posted dem pics a while back and u d00dz didnt see the humour.

  5. lolz, dont worry morgan, we enjoyed it, but we don't have copies of the pics. if you could provide us with them we would appreciate it

  6. i thought you loved HC guys morgan, i'm pretty sure you well tellin me how much those HC guys were loving you on friday night. haha