Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Get Busy Crew... wow

no. thats not absentees latest lady friend, it's the 11yo MC Milly D from Sydney's Get Busy crew. Is it cool for an 11yo to bust lines like 'damn girl i could go all night' or 'every time i bust a line, it should be a goddam crime'. Me thinks yes. The Beats are produced by her 18yo brother Digsey, reminiscent of a younger and cleaner mouthed Amanda Blank. 

Does it get any more gangster than 'no rapping till your homework is done'?

Listen to their beats on MYSPACE

props to pedestrian for the headsup. word. 


  1. i didn't know that you still write for tradehooks skillz?

  2. ummmm i think you forgot to put in the part about de caires

  3. Yeah, they are the lil bro and sister of De Caires, but its not heaps relevant. If i was writing about bandits it would be.

  4. yes well de caires also does the beats so it probably is relevant.

  5. as relevant as pie to barack obamas campaign, thanks spook