Thursday, October 9, 2008

the E.L.F invites you to enter the Rave Cave

Maybe the gem of all the performances at Parklife Sydney, the E.L.F. blew our minds.
Daz of the E.L.F was once a member of one of Australia's favourite indie bands, Gerling, and this new direction rocks. not taking anything away from gerling. (death to the apple girls goes down as one of my fave all time tracks, and dust me selecta contains one of my aliases)

Anyway, we love the E.L.F's track Rave Cave and here it is for your enjoyment

The E.L.F - RAVE CAVE (highest recommendation)

For the full 320kbps version go here itunes (direct link to E.L.F)

the E.L.F E.p SUNRAY IN THE RAVE CAVE is out now on OAKS RECORDS label, all available here itunes

nb the E.L.F has been hanging out with Steve Slingeneyer from Soulwax who did did a remix for him as ONEMANPARTY..its on the new E.p

also, the E.L.F. got hella wasted at parklife and dropped his laptop in Moore Park Lake, that can't be good


  1. hey d00dz!
    look its your pal XbenjaminX from TSK TSK

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  3. ok the only reason im dignifying this is because i think anonymous is missing the point.. if u have ever listened to 'hardcore' music or whatever u might notice the myspace page that i am featured in at the top of the page, that was created in high school has a lot of parody in it. e.g lovehatemoshdie, religious quotes etc etc. that page is a fucking joke towards stupid shit like 'straight edge' 'emos' 'religion' etc. look at the photos u fucking idiot, and he clothing. this was made in HIGH school and it is still up there as it acually caused alot of fun and reactions at the time. u migh notice the last log in date and profile song also. wollongong makes me laugh. i dont read or wrie on blogs or anything and people sill talk shit.

  4. Nice novel Ben. Why did i bother reading that? Myspace 4eva (note irony).

  5. your so awesome shaun... you can give shit but you obviously can't take it. deleting my comments.. such a man.

  6. on a lighter note you tradehook kids should have put bille on - way better