Friday, November 28, 2008

Bloc Party - Hordern Pavillion 24th November

thanks for the pic pete

Bloc Party were amazing!

It started with another boring Van She performance, they played their usual set and I'm pretty sure the only time the crowd cheered was when they said "You guys excited to see Bloc Party?". They looked bored, they sounded bored.

Then Bloc Party owned the stage like nothing else. They played everyone's favourite tracks, even right from their very first release. Flux, Banquet, Ares, Hunting for Witches, Halo all got everybody jumping and humping.
Except one,
I somehow expected more from Mercury, maybe it was just me, but i wanted to see something happen, like gorillas or something.

Ares was the highlight and the final song they played, started with Kele saying "Lets give you what you want".

no track for this post, just the new architecture in helsinki vid for "that beep":

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep from helsinkids on Vimeo.

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  1. wow what an amazing photo!

    yea i expected more from mercury as well, maybe even a live orchestra haha.