Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bang Gang Deejays at onefiveone

If you're having trouble reading club posters, it says Bang Gang Deejays are playing at onefiveone on the 22nd of Nov...this weekend!

They are currently on their national compilation cd launch tour, playing all sorts of venues. I just got my hands on this compilation, but didn't get the sweat towel with it so i was a little dissapointed, especially because i ran to JBHifi and was extremely sweaty at the counter.

Here is a little mix that will make you want to buy as well.

One thing, when they say Bang Gang they only mean the doom and the hoodrat. No Ajax brothers.


Kato isn't playing but this was blog worthy.

Walkie Talkie found this:
This is Ebbot:

and this is Kato:

oh and another thing, buy the miami horror ep


  1. Wow.... we made tradehooks and it wasn't blagging. It's because you know I love hip hop innit? Go on, tell the truth

  2. how ironic, you guys like miami horror all of a sudden.

  3. dig up ur mixtape for us then.or maybe ill go down to 151 and hear the whole catalogue

  4. He got you there spook