Thursday, February 21, 2008

La Musique Electronique française

France, home of the baguette, romance, fine wines, dirty 'taches, berets and the worlds best electronic music. So who is who in french electro?

Para One

Who? Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, 28
What? Described by his own press biography as "merciless". When not making brutal, squelchy techno, Para One directs short films and produces heavyweight French hip-hop act TTC.
Track? Dudun-Dun (Institubes)


Who? Gaspard Auge , 27, Xavier de Rosnay, 24
What? The bastard offspring of Mantronix and Metallica, dressed in huge M&M costumes. In demand remixers of everyone from Britney Spears to Franz Ferdinand. Aggressive, yet full of emotion.
Track? Phantom (Ed Banger)


Who? Kavinsky died in 1986 after crashing his Ferrari Testarossa and came back to life as a zombie. Luckily, he can still use email.
What? Loud, cinematic, synthetic disko with extra kick drum. "Electronic music with graphic flashes," reckons the living dead.
Track? Wayfarer (Record Makers)


Who? Sebastian Akchote, 25
What? The ferociously funky point where James Brown meets Aphex Twin. Daft Punk rate his remix of Human After All as the best they have ever commissioned, while Kavinsky rates him as "the best drinking buddy possible".
Track? Walkman (Ed Banger)

Busy P

Who? Pedro Winter, 31
What? The boss serves up grimy, catchy ghetto-techno alongside the label's trademark electro-funk. Winter: "If they were gay and had had a baby, I reckon I could be Rick Rubin and Timbaland's son."
Track? Chop Suey (Ed Banger)


Who? Ismail Tuefekci, 27, Jens Moelle, 24
What? From Hamburg, not Paris, although Digitalism are obvious sonic cousins of the Ed Banger set, producing a scabrous, jagged, "very melodic" electro. They're outlandishly noisy, reckons Jens, because they used to rehearse in a dank old second world war bunker, "with no windows, oxygen, heating, nothing." Lovely.
Track? Magnets (Virgin)

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